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My creations:Alduin,emerald dragon,Storm,Frost,Flesh,Stone atro, Ra Kotu,Y'ffre,Hermaeus Mora,& more

Hello everyone. I'm Vvw-VENOM-wvV a.k.a the "Decorator of Light" I'm on PS4 NA server. I thought I'd post some of my creations.z0m7nchp4loi.png
  • tonyhextrab16_ESO
    Wow....I don`t like to use the word `Awesome` (it`s overused, imo)....but...AWESOME!

    Absolutely incredible work. You, sir, are an artist
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  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    Damn nice, had seem some of these in another thread with people asking who made them.

    Your work is great! Hope to see more updates from you.
    @Turelus - EU PC Megaserver
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  • Zeni0s

    Now i want a big storm atronach in my garden.
  • VvwvenomwvV
    The Grand Topal Hideaway is the only house I made that doesn't have a sculpture in it, but it is a functional Waterpark. It has three high dives, two in-ground heated pools with built-in lighting, a hot tub that's also heated by the volcunism, a functional waterside, and a jogging track.

    The Serenity Falls Estate has the Pumpkin King, and is a two story Haunted Halloween maze with a treasure hunt. If you like doing maze challenges, you should give this one a try. There might be a reward in it...if you meet the challenge requirements.

  • dodgehopper_ESO
    Nice work Venom!

    What are the square blocks you built your ramps out of? I could use that for some of my own projects.
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  • Jaimeh
    These are amazing beyond words, I especially like the atronachs you've made!

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    AD Azoke Sen - Imperial Sorcerer - Tank ǀ The Flawless Conqueror
    DC Sàverin - Orc Warden - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Blackrose Executioner
    DC Zuwane Okoye - Redguard Dragonknight - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror

    PC/EU CP490

    AD Ariadne Nearil - Altmer Sorcerer - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror
    EP Máyim - Dunmer Nightblade - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror

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    It's not zerging if we are all solo and just happen to go to the same place independently xD
  • VvwvenomwvV
    The square blocks came from the luxury furnisher.
  • ZOS_Holden
    Community Rep
    Wow, @VvwvenomwvV, these are truly amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your work, we especially enjoyed Alduin and the vine-monster. How long does one of these beauties take to create?
    Staff Post
  • VvwvenomwvV
    The rough in for all houses took about one day each. Going back over stuff until it's just the way you want it can take much longer.
    Edited by VvwvenomwvV on March 27, 2018 11:16PM
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