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In the Name of the Queen

This is actually a pretty big issue, not just with myself, but with anyone attempting to finish this quest.

The Priestess of the Nothern ritual site is stuck kneeling and you can go no further in the quest. People are assuming everyone needs to leave the area, issue with that is, there may be someone AFK. If it all possible, it'd be nice to have her reset on her own but... Yeah, well, point is. It's impossible to get further.

This is on the North American servers. Aldmeri Dominion. Again, this isn't just me, anyone currently attempting the quest is just stuck... watching her kneeling, like some kind of sick horror movie right before she gets beheaded.

Er, well, you get the idea.
  • ZOS_JessicaFolsom
    Community Manager
    @Midnariub17_ESO - Could you please report this in-game via the /help menu? That will alert the in-game support team of the issue, and if they're able to fix the quest on-the-fly, they will.
    Jessica Folsom
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  • Midnariub17_ESO
    Not a problem, apologies, I'm pretty new to the MMO scene and I didn't know the bug thing existed. Thanks, sorry about all that.
  • SageSoldier
    This is still going on, I am hoping other people reported it as a bug. I'll just check back later.
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