Coral Heart Bugged

The quest "Coral Heart" is bugged for me. Other players seem to be completing this quest just fine, but for some reason the Alexandra Conele mob isn't showing up. She is spawning, but she is invisible and I can't attack her. Lieutenant Galyn is attacking the mob but I can't see her.

  • ZOS_JessicaFolsom
    Community Manager
    @gdodd_ESO - Could you please submit a help ticket about this via /help in-game? This will alert the in-game support team of the issue. If they're able to reset the quest for everyone, they will.
    Jessica Folsom
    Senior Community Manager (English) - The Elder Scrolls Online
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  • gdodd_ESO
    /help was stuck on an infinite loading screen, but after around 12 tries of restarting my client, re-zoning, and re-logging, the mob eventually spawned.

    thanks for your help, Jessica
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