Warden backstory ideas?

Hey everyone!

So I have finnaly decided to nake a warden build but I am having trouble making a backstory for him with the other classes I normally dont have trouble but for some reason the warden is giving me isseus.. so what are your warden backstories? Or do you people have any ideas? Love to hear some!
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  • Mason_King
    I just made my first Warden last night.

    Trent is Breton, I envisioned him as a Lord of Daggerfall. Serving High King Emeric in the Lion Guard.
    to me it made sense Bretons reflect Great Britain. and I wanted a character of celtic background.

    His physique resembles that of a bear, and So try a new fighting style, commanding nature.
    Of my characters He is going to handle Provisioning, woodworking, and Blacksmithing.
    As I have a Sorceress handling Alchemy, and Magic, and a Templar handling everything else.

  • Asardes
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  • Lynx7386
    My warden is a khajiit, born in resorts March bordering Malabar tor / grahtwood. He learned early on from observing and speaking with bosmer spinners, then became a nomadic wanderer seeking out other sources of nature magic. Eventually he learned more from the wyresses of glenumbra and the tree minders of black marsh, as well as stopping by the college of winterhold in skyrim and picking up on ice magic there.

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  • phermitgb
    character story writing is very much a "process"

    so, 11 - you want your character to fit somewhere with ES lore-ish-ness
    2 - you want a character that is personally fulfilling to some extent
    3 - you want a character that can interact effectively with other people

    these are all, of course, what *I* would expect that you want - I can totally be COMPLETELY wrong

    As near as I can tell (haven't built a warden myself), the fundamental concept of a warden is a certain degree of connection to the natural world - from animal summons to healing that seems to be world-ecological-healthy bits - we're looking at a fairly distinctive thematic power set

    so the goal (I imagine - maybe you have a different goal in mind, in which case disregard all the crap I come up with) is to create a character background that meshes with an awareness and appreciation of fundamental natures.

    There are lots of ways to get here - from a personal connection to a beloved pet, to a general love of all things growing (born on a farm kinda thing) - to living excessively in modernity only to be *rescued* from some horrible something by the purity of simple nature

    you've got lots of options - where exactly do you want to take this train ride?
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