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Angled. A guild for aspiring Master Anglers

Are you a player seeking the title of Master Angler in ESO? Have you tirelessly spammed text chat for a fishing group only to have that one guy show up who needs a different water type than you? Have you spent countless amounts of bait, gold, and time to only be left with a few green fish and little progress? If you answered yes to any of the above, I would like to invite you and any other players like you to Angled.

I created Angled after frustration from months now of little progress towards my own Master Angler achievement. I want Angled to be a fishing guild focused on the Master Angler achievement and am looking for other with similar goals.

I plan on creating a rotating schedule of zone clearing times that will encourage players to group up and knock out specific locations each week but will also be promoting this new guild as an ACTIVE LFG for any specific fishing related needs.

Anyone interested in joining please message C0SSIN on xbox live for an invite.
  • CrittyKitty
    Or alternatively leave a comment below for an invite too!
  • Summerra
    Soul Shriven
    GT: SUMMERsandwich
  • pizzaow
    GT: Pizzaow
    XBox/NA GT: Pizzaow
  • ksdurg
    Soul Shriven

    I'm interested in working with my fellow ESO players to get the Master Angler achievement. And maybe just hanging and chatting while doing so.
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