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How do you duel wield as a healer?

I seen this done before and was curious why people would do it and how it works.
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  • mocap
    my healer is dual wield front and destro back. Vet dungeons only, mostly as a third DPS'er. Especially nice when your pug team is a bunch of 10K dps bow spammers.

    Otherwise, there is no need in dual wield due to Heavy Attack Online meta.
  • Brrrofski
    You don't.

    Destro/resto is what you run.
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  • Ciovala
    Why would you? I’ve seen people with sword and shield and bows healing, too, but all this seems sub-optimal for healing (granted, healing is not super necessary in most dungeon content). Perhaps it’s someone useful for someone who wants to spam their execute or something for DPS? Not sure...
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  • Nephimana
    I use to because I farmed the gear a long time ago and couldn't be bothered to farm again 100 times just to get a lightning staff, its usually people that use to be dps but now want to heal but still want to dps, but really destro will do more damage, dual wield is old school and not as strong as it use to be.
    It also adds another slot which may be a reason people still want to do it, that's why I did it a long time ago.
  • exeeter702
    The only healers that can get away with any type of non resto staff setup and thus dw on any bar, is warden and templar but even that is pushing it. The extra SD and set peice isnt really worth it, all things considered. For dungeons its fine if you know whats up.
    Edited by exeeter702 on March 3, 2018 5:55PM
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