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How do you transform your gear to Imperial gear?

For those that have the Imperial Edition, I know you can create Imperial gear, but how do you transform current gear to its Imperial version?
  • Desi
    You must open your inventory, then right click of item and choose- convert to Imperial Style. :smiley:
  • NightOwl68
    Cool, thanks. Didn't think of trying that.
  • Greydog
    Is this for only crafted gear or looted as well? Does equipping the gear nullify the option?

    I can find no option like that on my "Sugar Jacket"
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  • Coggage
    Some armour must already be Imperial, as I was able to change hand armour but not chest armour.
  • refelian
    Not all items are changable - most lootable (equipped or otherwise) and crafted stuff can have the style changed.
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