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Constant disconnections since patch

Have we heard any valid updates regarding this issue? The only useful feedback I've gotten regarding this is to disable all out of date addons, which I've done.

I'm still getting disconnected roughly once per hour since the patch. I run a high end system with a Nighthawk router, so I know it's not my internet :neutral:
  • rumple9
    Same here since dragonbones patch PC EU
  • JamieAubrey
    10 times I've had to log in in the past 30 mins

    I'm about to quit the game for good
  • pcaldredbann
    Soul Shriven
    Just chiming in - I'm having the exact same issue. Tried everything. Nothing is working.

    Impossible to do dungeons most of the time as if I zone or something I usually get kicked to log in screen - by the time I'm back in the game I've been removed from the group and put on a timed ban before I can re-join. Getting pretty sick of it now and eyeing up other games. If I can't play this reliably what the hell is the point of playing it at all?
  • FleetwoodSmack
    I posted in another, thread, but I'll post in here as well since I know a friend is also having problems and I think there needs to be more accurate data surrounding the subject to help troubleshooting. Can each of you do some of the following?
    • Keep a record from the time of login from Character Selection (where you can actually move and play the game) to the time of disconnect. Record errors if applicable and how long it took you to get back into the game.
    • Keep a record of any other internet services going out at the time of disconnect (Steam, Discord, Skype, TeamSpeak, etc).
    • Use the buddy system (have a friend describe what they see at the time of your disconnect) to make a detailed log of what exactly what you were doing (they may pick up on information you missed during the time of logout)
    • Provide accurate system information (computer specs, platform/server, operating system, etc)
    • Make a list of troubleshooted steps, that way we don't go over something you may have already done. Also leave detailed information about what happened as you took those steps.
    • Even though I have my opinions about CS, make a ticket and keep them up to date so there's something in an official record (forum posts can get pretty cluttered). Provide generated game consultant files/dxdiag if asked (though it never hurts to provide them up front).
    • Post back with potential fixes and solutions, because you may help someone else struggling with the same problems.

    This way we can get a steady flow of documentation which may all either be related or find potential issues that need to be addressed on either side (either client side or reporting issues to ZoS). The more information, the better. Thanks!
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  • MrDireWolf
    I keep getting booted while loading into a 4 man dungeon or a few seconds after the last boss has been killed, weirdly the chat still seems to work a minute or so before it throws me back to log in. been kicked from 2 pledge groups because of this today before i just gave up playing.
  • rumple9
    Its getting worse as the week goes on - it happens almost half the times I use a wayshrine. Any fix coming @ZOS_GinaBruno ?
    No problems before dragonbones and it isn't an addon issue
  • aeowulf
    getting disconnects as of todays patch, outside combat too. Interacting with NPC's/writ boards seems to not work, and crash to log in on a reloadui after disabling addons.
  • Agrivar
    So, last night it was *nearly* unplayable. Of my fifteen characters, the fourteen that had been logged out in Vivec City may as well have been in jail. Impossible to load into them at all. My lone character who'd be left in the Harborage (new toon for the new update) was accessible, but I still got the intermittent boot to login.

    Get home today, see that there is a patch to download - yay?

    Well, problem 1 solved, problem 2 not so much. Can log into every character - albeit sometimes taking more than one attempt - but the random disconnects have not stopped.
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  • newtinmpls
    SecretJoy wrote: »
    Have we heard any valid updates regarding this issue? The only useful feedback I've gotten regarding this is to disable all out of date addons, which I've done.

    I'm still getting disconnected roughly once per hour since the patch. I run a high end system with a Nighthawk router, so I know it's not my internet :neutral:

    Welcome to my world. I had it really bad after Clockwork City. Now its "improved" to about every 20-30 min.

    Just keep sending those error reports
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  • psteg55
    Just to chime in, I am having the same problem as well. Seems like every 10 minutes or so I am being booted to the log in page. Funny thing is, it only happens on my laptop not my desk top. I have done everything suggested including checking my GPU temp when I get booted off. I was planning to spend some money on this game but until this is fixed, what I have spent will not increase.
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  • SecretJoy
    It really seems like it has to be an issue on their side, since such a random number of people are experiencing it. How many of you guys are Steam users?
  • S'yn
    Agree with all. I cannot even get past eh character screen. I have addons- disabled all of them, even went so far as to uninstall them completely. It made no difference. Every other game logs me in just fine, my ping test is almost instantaneous off a few major sites. I just can't seem to get past the lion at the gate for ESO. Very frustrating.
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