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Why is outfitting a crafting achievement???

So, this has been bothering me since the DLC was released. Why is outfitter use a crafting achievement?

The release of the outfitter system was actually anti-crafting because each player has to learn motifs independently. Whatever herculean effort you went through to learn every motif as a crafter was rendered essentially useless and a waste of time overnight.

I understand why ZoS did this; to expand the pool of people interested in buying motifs off the crown store. However, I feel like ZoS is kicking us while we are down by putting the achievement in crafting.

Dyes are attached to a wide variety of achievements and all but 2 of the motifs drop from anything but crafting. Might as well put this in the Thieves Guild line because everyone is pick pocketing for motifs at the minute...

  • Taleof2Cities
    You still need motifs for other things, @Wreuntzylla.

    Maybe most important is that full motif books learned are still used as a positive modifier for master writ drops.

    In addition, you can avoid paying the expensive cost of an outfit overlay (sometimes over $10k depending on the motifs and dyes you use) ... by crafting gear in your favorite motif instead.

    And, motifs are obviously achievements for achievement hunters.
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  • SGT_Wolfe101st
    Maybe most important is that full motif books learned are still used as a positive modifier for master writ drops.

    Most important? Yeah, that .001% improvement in drop rate is really starting to show. This isn't directed at you but I get the same number of motifs on my master as I do my level 50 but minimal know motifs alt. If you have 12 or 14 masters doing all writs everyday the evidence suggests you can move the needle but with 1, 2 or 3, the improvement is minimal at best.
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  • Apache_Kid
    Confused console player here... so there are achievements Associated with using the outfit station?
  • ghastley
    You've got achievements for the use of other crafting stations, so why not this one?

    The use of motifs for outfits does not change in any way their use elsewhere. A master writ still needs the crafter to know the motif involved, and no alt's knowledge can help. The reason for pooling the account's motifs in the outfit system only, is because the (main?) character puts together their own outfit, and the crafter can't do it for them. It's not like making regular gear, where it gets made by one character and passed through bank or home storage to another. You have to be signed on as the character who will wear the outfit.
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