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Merciless Resolve Morph Still Functioning Differently From Relentless Focus Morph

Ever since ZOS changed Grim Focus to keep your stacks after re-casting (PTS 3.3.2?) it has broken the Merciless Resolve morph (Relentless Focus still performs how it should).

Current issues:

1) When you light attack it takes significantly longer for a stack to be registered - this makes the skill feel very clunky, and you can no longer fire the bow on the 5th light attack.
2) When you initially cast the buff as well as the damage proc, the light attacks fired with it count toward your stacks. This effectively makes it so that your stack counter resets to 1 instead of 0 after firing/casting.

Issue 1 and issue 2 effectively off-set each other, and getting 3 bow procs in a 20 second duration is still very much possible.

The main problem is that now Merciless Resolve and Relentless Focus feel drastically different from one another.

This will hopefully be fixed soon.

@ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_Wrobel
  • Zer0oo
    Is it bugged on live? Need to know it for my what-is-all-bugged-on-release-bingo?
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  • LZH
    Yes it is bugged on live. I made a post in the PTS forums as well as the general forums just in case it got buried in general.
  • Marabornwingrion
    LZH wrote: »
    Yes it is bugged on live. I made a post in the PTS forums as well as the general forums just in case it got buried in general.

    I won't let it get buried until they fix it. ;)
  • ecru
    i just assume 5 is 4 atm to play around it but it's really annoying. fix this and fix animation bugs tia.
    Gryphon Heart
  • ajcorbell
    Yeah this is so annoying right now. Really clunky and a DPS loss etc
  • Fallewarrior
    Yes please fix merciless.
    It doesnt count a stack on light attack fired, but on light attack hit. Which makes it feel really slow and clunky..
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  • kimjovikenb16_ESO
    Fix or I will jump off the bridge in sanctum
  • Princess_Ciri
    fix or i will push @kimjovikenb16_ESO off the bridge in sanctum
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  • themaddaedra
    Fix or i will NOT BE CONTAINED!!1!
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  • Vezuls
    Fix Merciless, or make Relentless Focus operate the same way. 2 morphs of the same skill - especially a magic and stam counterpart - should not behave this differently.

    Also, it's bugged in VMA as well

    @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_JessicaFolsom @ZOS_Finn
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