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Looking for a group of mature people

I'm potentially interested in joining a guild where average age is a bit higher, say, around 30 or so. I guess I simply get along with people around my age better (I'm 36).
I used to be a hardcore gamer, but these days I play rather casually, so I am not looking for a hardcore raiding group. I'm also a new player, having bought the game some two weeks ago.

I'd appreciate a guild where everyone can use decent english and not broken klingon :D I have a thing for british accent, and in past had good experience playing with nordic people.
A forum and Discord/Teamspeak are nice things to have too.
Also, no RP please.
Lastly, I prefer small to medium sized guilds where it's possible to eventually know everyone.

I am not a serious person, I curse a lot, I hope I got some sense of humour, and prefer when people aren't too uptight about random stuff and don't get easily offended (doesn't mean I try to insult anyone though). That's my definition of mature, if that make sense to anyone.
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  • Jiandao

    You might like The Sewerjacks. We are also mature (I'm 38 from the UK). We are welcoming of new and veteran players alike and also have a lot of UK and Scandinavian players. We have Discord, TS and a website. We are a small, but active and friendly guild and we do PvP, RP and PvE.

    Contact either myself @Kodora79 or our officer @Beithe13 in game if you're interested. I'm working now, but will be playing tonight.

    Good hunting!
  • Octopuss
    RP and PvP? I don't really like those, so I'm not sure...
    PC - EU player
  • Zunkis
    check us out =)
    welcome =)
  • Octopuss
    I have joined a guild meanwhile, but thanks for the offers!
    PC - EU player
  • Octopuss
    reluctant bump
    PC - EU player
  • Cyn_v84
    We still have free spots, @Octopuss and we'd love to have you!
  • quake89
    Hey Saw your Still on the look out for a guild , I can't say anything but good things about The Sewerjacks !! I know you stated that RP and PVP isn't your thing and that is fine the guild doesn't force that upon you at all it's there should you so wish to participate.

    We do dungeon nights , map clears and the occasional fishing night and have a hub of friendly mature people should you just wish to pop in and ask advice or even pop in for a general chit chat.

    Happy Adventuring
    PC -EU
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  • Malbec_Sonvida

    Our members are typically 30's and 40's [I am 46 ;) ] we do have younger and we do have older.

    I would say we have grown a lot over the years but this is across a few MMO's as we are a Gaming Community.

    We have Discord where you can type or use chat. In there is where members from all games have a general chat or go to a game specific channel for questions or give advice from their own knowledge.

    We are not huge in ESO and it would not take you long to know the regular loggers.

    Have a nose at our website [link is in my sig] and feel free to pop into Discord once you have registered on our forums for a brief introduction.


    Malbec-Sonvida - Sorcerer
    Malbec-Donapaula - Dragon Knight
  • Rhoswyn
    <ALITH LEGION> is Recruiting! A Casual, Social, Mature PvE & PVP guild(EP), focused on enjoying of the game in a relaxed, respectful, pressure-free way. We provide strong ingame activity, web-site, active forum, Discord, Facebook, event calendar and organised raids. If you'd like to know more, head to or check out our recruitment thread
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