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Order of the Northern Sky

My goal for the guild is to make it a jack of all trades(RP events, PVP, Dungeons/Trials, PVE Questing, trader). It is in it's very basic form right now, but with enough love and care we can make it a force to be reckoned with! I will accept you regardless of skill/rank/class/alliance, the only thing I ask is you be a constructive member of the guild. Once we have at least 50+, then we can start planning major group events. Participation will be rewarded with (gold,BoE gear, mats,furnishings,guild promotions, etc). So come join the Order of the Northern Sky, and together we will defend Tamriel from those who would wish to see her burn! For Tamriel!

Leave your Gamertag, and I will get add you as soon as I'm on.
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Valtyr Stormblade- Nord DK CP810

Vulsahvith- Argonian NB CP810

Illidan Highborn- High Elf Sorc CP810

Thrall Durotar- Orc WD CP810

Mythos Varedis- Wood Elf TP CP810

Ra'zaq- Khajit NB CP810

Aelya Proudmoore- Breton Sorc CP810

Broxigar Saurfang- Orc DK CP810

Lady Sylvannas Windrunner- Dark Elf NB CP810

Lord Anduin Wyrnn- Breton TP CP810
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