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Looking for mature, relaxed guild


I am new to the multiplayer side of ESO and would like to explore this now. My character is part of the Ebonheart Pact (Nord Assassin) and I'm looking to complete a few delves. I can't commit to set days per week due to family commitments but when I'm online I'd be fully committed guild activity. I'm new to the chat functionality so any advice on that would be great! I've not done PvP so more interested in PvE right now, but I'm happy to have a go.

Any offers would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
Recruitment Champion of Alith Legion.
Ebonheart Pact PvX guild, EU server.
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  • cool_frood88
    I'm @transGemini in game
    Recruitment Champion of Alith Legion.
    Ebonheart Pact PvX guild, EU server.
    Check out our website at
  • cool_frood88
    The guild I joined seems to have died a bit and my interests have changed slightly.

    Is there a guild out there that doesn't require the following:
    • Minimum listings for trading
    • Discord/3rd party account for chat (I realise that it is useful for dungeons but not something I am interested in);
    But does have the following:
    • Friendly, welcoming and active members (no drama)
    • The ability to log in and join a group (or at least request for a group and have a response)
    • The ability to list things to sell if ever the need arises; or buy/trade from other guild members?

    There are a lot of recruitment adverts in the zone chats when I'm playing and frankly some of the restrictions are offputting. I understand the need to have groundrules to keep the guild momemtum going but I am what would be considered a "casual gamer" (does that even exist?).

    When I'm online I will gladly go on dungeon runs or group up with people to help them with a quest line, but I can't always commit to a certain day or number of hours in a week - this is my hobby, not my job! Having said that, if there is a guild event going on and I can make it, I will be there to help however I can.

    My main character is a Nord Nightblade, currently Lvl 50 CP115 (I think) & I have a second character that I've recently started which is a Breton Sorceror, currently Lvl 19. I haven't done many group events so I have no idea if I'm a Tank or DD (or even how to do those), but my Breton will be my healer once I've leveled up a bit more (and I've gotten the hang of staff weapons!).

    If you've made it to the end of this and think "hey! just what I/we need!" send me a message on here or in game on cool_frood88 :smiley:
    Recruitment Champion of Alith Legion.
    Ebonheart Pact PvX guild, EU server.
    Check out our website at
  • VanNoodles
    Hi there - I'm the Guild Leader of the DSC (Daggerfall Social Club). We're a social guild with a lot of players who are fitting ESO around their lives.

    There are no requirements to join. We welcome all alliances and all player types. We don't have a public trader as we're not a trading guild, but the guild store is active for sales within the guild.

    Group activities happen, but are not structured or formal. If someone feels like doing something, they'll shout out in chat. We try and do a large group activity on a Sunday evening such as a World Boss run or dolmen run, but nobody's forced to join anything they don't want to.

    I'm @VanNoodles ingame - send me a quick mail if you're interested and I'll reciprocate with an invitation.
  • Malbec_Sonvida
    Hi there,

    We are a gaming community of which one of our games is ESO, we are VERY casual and have no rules other than having to be over 18.

    We run dungeons on a regular basis and if enough are online to do so. We take everything in our stride.

    We do have Discord but not just for voice chat which you do not have to join but it can help on the Veteran Dungeons, you can just listen only to commands if you do not want to chat, but its mainly used to communicate across the community so its like a big Guild chat [text only] but members may not be an ESO player but is happy to chat with any one, also our games each have different chat rooms as well as a main General one, where most of the typing happens.

    You can Guild Trade but to be honest we are so casual and more like friends we give stuff away anyway but some of our members are members of Trade Guild that do not require min sales etc so they can point you in the right direction if you want to make gold.

    Our webpage is in my signature feel free to have a nose but our forum is now much quieter since the use of Discords text facility.

    We are all gamers but all have different times we can play etc. I am one of the Founders and the biggest slacker ever and when i log into ESO I just love the time I am there whether its soloing or just chatting in Guild Chat or doing dungeons with Members, I love it all but have very limited hours.

    Hope you choose us.

    Malbec-Sonvida - Sorcerer
    Malbec-Donapaula - Dragon Knight
  • Carolineu
    I am in a wonderful guild which covers all of what you are looking for- Alith Legion! Check us out on We are a comited community of gamer's that love to help each other enjoy the game the way they want to play it, be that collecting flowers or Hard Mode vMoL the PVP covers skyshard hunting in Cyrodiil across Casual PVP and Tactical. It is a no pressure, no stress family and I love it.
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  • cool_frood88
    Thank you all so much for your responses! I have 4 guild slots free so I will be in touch with you all!
    Recruitment Champion of Alith Legion.
    Ebonheart Pact PvX guild, EU server.
    Check out our website at
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