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Xbox EU Chill Guild

I’ve been in a few guilds during my time in ESO and to me there seems to be way too many requirements to join or be a part of! Anyway I’m gonna be seeing up a relaxed guild to chat, fish and quest together! Put your name below for an invite! Look forward to chatting
About Me
Xbox One - EU
Gamertag - RapidUrsa
Overall CP - 500
  • Bhaal5
    May want to jump this into the recruitment thread. But good luck on your endeavor
  • Icy_Waffles
    I thought the title said "child guild" I was like uhh yeah this is getting locked
  • Sirsaker
    Soul Shriven
    Hi could i join please
    GR Saker02
  • Warrilad
    I'm interested in seeing how this goes. Former pc eu player 643cp new on xb1 only lvl 29
    I'm warrilad on xb1 add me.
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