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Crown Crate Error

Any time I try to go into the Crown Crate menu, I get this...
EsoUI/Ingame/CrownCrates/CrownCrates.lua:551: Attempt to access a private function 'GetPlayerCrownGems' from insecure code. The callstack became untrusted 14 stack frame(s) from the top.
stack traceback:
	EsoUI/Ingame/CrownCrates/CrownCrates.lua:551: in function 'ZO_CrownCrates:UpdateCrownGemsQuantity'
	EsoUI/Ingame/CrownCrates/CrownCrates.lua:85: in function 'SharedStateChangeCallback'
	EsoUI/Ingame/CrownCrates/CrownCrates.lua:109: in function 'callback'
	EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_CallbackObject.lua:111: in function 'ZO_CallbackObject:FireCallbacks'
	EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Scene/ZO_Scene.lua:250: in function 'ZO_Scene:SetState'
	EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Scene/ZO_Scene.lua:434: in function 'ZO_RemoteScene:SetState'
	EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Scene/ZO_SceneManager.lua:182: in function 'ZO_SceneManager:ShowScene'
	EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Scene/ZO_SceneManager.lua:474: in function 'ZO_SceneManager:OnSceneStateChange'
	EsoUI/Ingame/Scenes/IngameSceneManager.lua:325: in function 'ZO_IngameSceneManager:OnSceneStateChange'
	EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Scene/ZO_Scene.lua:251: in function 'ZO_Scene:SetState'
	EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Scene/ZO_Scene.lua:369: in function 'ZO_Scene:DetermineIfTransitionIsComplete'
	EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Scene/ZO_Scene.lua:308: in function 'ZO_Scene:OnSceneFragmentStateChange'
	EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Scene/ZO_SceneFragment.lua:112: in function 'ZO_SceneFragment:SetState'
	EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Scene/ZO_SceneFragment.lua:122: in function 'ZO_SceneFragment:OnHidden'
	EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Scene/ZO_SceneFragmentTemplates.lua:75: in function '(anonymous)'

I've tried turning off all addons. Can't make any purchases though...
  • MissBizz
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    Take the add-ons actually out of your folder and try again
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  • Sigtric
    MissBizz wrote: »
    Take the add-ons actually out of your folder and try again

    Temporarily change the name of the addon folder instead, less work!
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  • ThePonzzz
    Still nothing. Doesn't appear to be an addon issue.
  • Darlgon
    It looks an error I get every time I open certain items. To totally disable the addons, you have to restart your game client. Renaming while running the game does nothing. Simply the fact that its coming from the ESOUI folder says it HAS to be an addon.
    Edited by Darlgon on June 22, 2017 11:19PM
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  • ThePonzzz
    Yeah, I wasn't in the game at all when I renamed.

    However, trying over and over and over again eventually works.
  • OtarTheMad
    any word on what was causing this? My partner is currently running into the same issue.
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