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Dawnbreaker Bug

Is zos aware of the bug that takes all your ult when you try to dawnbreaker someone but you do no damage and have no animation. I noticed it's more likely to happen if you have an object in front of you such as a pillar. So if I was to dodge roll around los to turn around with a dawnbreaker there's a chance I'll completely waste my ult.

Not sure if this is related as well but I only have seen this specced as a stam character, albeit this might be because it's easier to los equating to you doing it more frequently.
  • techprince
    This isnt dawnbreaker specific.
    Edited by techprince on December 31, 2017 4:25PM
  • CatchMeTrolling
    techprince wrote: »
    This isnt dawnbreaker specific.

    I've only seen it with dawnbreaker since that's the only offensive ult I use for the most part, the other ult bug I see is if I was to drop trees instead of my ultimate being used it stays so I'm able to drop two ults back to back.

  • kyle.wilson
    I've had it happen with leap too much. Considering that it was first seen during PC beta,and has never really been fixed.

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  • Gilvoth
    this same thing happens with many other ultimates.
    it's not just specific to dawnbreaker.
    be assured, that i did read your response to my feedback comment(s), i always do. and unless i respond back to your comment directly, then i will always stand by my original feedback statement.
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  • CatchMeTrolling
    I've had it happen with leap too much. Considering that it was first seen during PC beta,and has never really been fixed.

    Well leap has been buggy in general like leaping just to have your wings stuck flapping but do no damage.
  • montiferus
    I've noticed this with DBOS but I've also noticed it with trees, and permafrost.

    I don't think it is specific to DB. I think it is a bug that seems occur with any ultimate. One of the many unfixed flaws in this broke ass game.
  • Ragnarock41
    Spell wall also happens to not work sometimes.

    If you happen to cancel the animation somehow, even something as silly as a dodge roll or bar swap can trigger this bug.

    SO I stopped using spell wall entirely. It is no longer reliable for me.
  • Waffennacht
    So that's what's going on
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  • Gilliamtherogue
    Defensive Rune (the sorcerer skill) will also cause casted Ultimates to be consumed and prevent the cast/damage if you trigger the Rune's CC function with the specific skill. Happens to all ultimates/skils that deal damage.
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  • tplink3r1
    Had this happening to me with the 2-handed ulti lots of times.
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  • Domander
    Well, you could stop humping trees and pillars o:)
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