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The new NB bug. Ambush.

  • Autumnhart
    Confirmed PC/NA

    I tested both morphs and the base skill. Cast > immobilized > teleport
    Furthermore, gap closers no longer place you at your target. If a target is running with high movement speed (major expedition + sprint, mounting, or using streak) you are placed ~3m behind them and the gap closer does NOT DEAL DAMAGE. This is extremely frustrating.

    There goes my hope it was just aesthetic/mildly inconvenient.
    Shadow hide you.
  • Kyio
    Soul Shriven
    @ZOS_GinaBruno Can we get any update on when this skill will be fixed. Cause waiting around for skills to be fixed for weeks and months is not fun at all. Especially since multiple skills with nightblade are broken currently.
  • Kyio
    Soul Shriven
  • QuebraRegra
    altemriel wrote: »
    Thanks guys, just letting you know we're aware of this and are working on getting it fixed.

    maybe next time PLEASE, it would be nice to prevent all the new bugs to appear in the first place, with every major update.

    And what about shadow image? You tried to fix it and you broke it even more, but still no fix?
    Such a very often used skill for pvp, that should have been hotfixed within 1 week max, not maybe 4 weeks now and still nothing...

    This bug with Ambush never occurred on our internal servers and is only seen on Live. If you have questions about other bugs, please post them in existing threads relevant to that ability so we keep this one on-topic.

    There should not be substantial differences between your test environment, and the production environment... otherwise your "testing" is for naught. :(
  • olsborg
    It failed for me today (I dont play much nowadays so im guessing that the failrate is still substantial enough to be annoying)

    PC EU
    PvP only
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