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How do you think home storage will affect bank usage?

  • GimpyPorcupine
    Other (Elaborate)
    My speculation: mannequins and weapon racks. Acquisition will be like either crafting stations or target skeletons, where in both cases the item can be bought with crowns via the housing editor, and either the finished item or the recipe to make it can be purchased with writ vouchers.

    I would also like to see bookshelves to hold all the reprint sets that I've purchased, instead of just leaving books lying on tables, nightstands, and dressers.

    Hopefully the number of mannequins that can be placed into a house won't be too arbitrarily limited. I can already envision the basement and upstairs of the Gardner House being used as armories for some of my bound dungeon sets, with three mannequins to hold the armor underneath the trophy for that dungeon.

    I doubt they will add generic storage containers, or if they do, I think they'll be done in a way to not ease the burden that non-subscribers have with regards to management of crafting supplies.
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  • ixie
    Other (Elaborate)
    A Mages Guild bookcase would be great
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  • Runs
    My main account almost exclusively uses his banker assistant either on the go or at home. The only change I expect to see is the 3 characters holding my the gear I am saving till they are full sets will no longer have the items in their inventory.
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  • Nerouyn
    makreth wrote: »
    My guess is it's gonna be limited to furniture and maybe armor/weapons with a catch for eso+

    Or possibly just for ESO plus.

    Remember, they unveiled the crafting bag as an upcoming feature and hyped the hell out of it long before they told us it would only be for ESO plus.
  • Dystopia2020
    Other (Elaborate)
    My guess is my home storage will be full of furniture.
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  • LadyAstrum
    Home storage and bank won't interfere with each other, both will be equally popular
    newtinmpls wrote: »
    Well, I wouldn't be surprised if like "horse" storage, it just adds to total bank space for the account.

    They said storage in your home.
    giving you the ability to store inventory items in your home.
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  • davey1107
    Other (Elaborate)
    You’ve made an assumption that isn’t entirely evident - that home storage is storage in addition to what your bank offers, and isn’t simply a way to offer access to bank items in your home in an organized manner.

    For example, a mannequin might hold 12 items, a full set of gear, but placing that mannequin and equipping it uses 12 slots in your bank.

    I’m not saying that this is the way they go, but ZOS never said they were offering ADDITIONAL storage, just storage in your home.
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  • Joosef_Kivikilpi
    Other (Elaborate)

    I'd love to actually have my banker have space to actually hold my multiple sets I run for different builds and roles that I can switch to on a moments notice if my PuG for dungeons needs a better tank, healer or dps.

    And then place "I'll try making some use of that in the future" sets into storage and out of my flipping banker.

    It's a hard life. Storage units would be incredible. I don't care. The banks and banker will still have an amazing place for those on the fly for materials and space used for more dynamic things like varying potions and foods, so your inventory is more empty so you can thieve for days or hold ornate armor for your venturing days into the Imperial Sewers.

    Oh how I'd love to have more than 30 slots open on a good day at maxed inventory and bank space!
  • Waffennacht
    I'm sure it'll be bank independent. Just storage in your house.

    Gonna still need the banker to move items from the storage into the bank if you wanna do it all in the home.

    Gonna still need the bank for guild banks.

    I'm almost positive that's how it'll work
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  • Nerouyn
    LadyAstrum wrote: »
    They said storage in your home.

    They might still be right though.

    Presently you can only access the bank in your home if you've purchased the personal banker NPC. But his availability in your home isn't the product which is sold. It's him coming to you on demand (nearly) anywhere. His being a home banker is an extra and unadvertised feature they added with housing. Possibly to encourage more players to buy him.

    ZO could very easily change that, i.e. make some other way for players to access their bank in homes and implement storage as part of the bank.

    Maybe there'll be the current global bank you can access from any banker and each home would have its own "bank" which can only be accessed from that home.
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