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Added housing storage crates (soon) - advices for ZOS - HOW TO DO IT RIGHT

  • The_Protagonist
    As a set hoarder, in addition to any storage items that ZOS has planned, I would love to see mannequins to store my large collection.
  • wenchmore420b14_ESO
    This is me.... I need help....... Please ZoS!.... Do this right!....... I think I have a problem......I need help.......
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  • davey1107
    House storage should only hold bound items, and be sold for in game gold at ten slots per expansion, with thenforstmslot costing 100,000 gold then it roughly doubles for each additional ten slots, 200,000, then 400,000, then 800,000, then 1,600,000...

    Just kidding. They should give people whatever they want with the homestead slots, because it’s totally pointless, it’ll hurt the economy, but frankly I don’t care if it brings massive destruction and suffering to the people’s of Tamriel so long as it puts a stop to the incessant forum whining about homestead slots, lol.

    I suspect what we will get, however, is something with several slots, but it won’t hold anything that can fit into a craft bag. It might only hold furnishings...but probably some for armor too.
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  • Asha_11_ESO
    I agree that players should be able to purchase housing storage via in-game gold, and or crowns.

    I was expecting something totally different to storage crates. I hope that's just an assumption at this point. The housing storage I'm hoping for is that we'd be able to treat a limited number of items in our bank as furnishings we can actually place around our home, and interact with. Such as putting your buff food on the table and being able to sit down and eat it, or store it in your backpack. Or storing your trusty sword by the door, and being able to pick it up as you set off on some adventure. And we'd be able to unlock a few more slots at increasing cost, similar to how we did so for our back pack and bank.

    I'd like to see things that make sense for home storage, not just bland chests we place on the floor. For instance they could make the housing storage as several 'furnishing' items of different physical sizes and appearances, with different capacities. In the kitchen you could purchase 'Food Sacks' which has the appearance of 5 or 6 sacks bursting with grains, beans, spices and allows you to store 40 stacks of different food. Then you could have 'Harvest Produce' which is a big bunch of sacks and crates filled with grains and fresh veg and meats which allows you to store 80 stacks of get the idea. Plus each capacity could unlock a limited amount of items that you could physically display as a furnishing and interact with. This is probably wishful thinking many items they'd need to turn into furnishings.

    But you get my idea, if we do get some kind of crate storage, please make them furnishings that make sense. A bunch of produce, sacks and fresh food crates for cooking storage. Some weapon racks and armor stands for armor storage. A display cabinet or something to store collectibles. A locked glass cabinet for potions.

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