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ESO Housing Storage Items

Just heard the new patch and storing items inside chest is now coming for Homestead.

THANK YOU ZOS... truly thank you

this means the housing item limits will be raised?

Edited by Mitoice on December 22, 2017 3:31PM
  • Rex-Umbra
    Transmog too
    Xbox GT: Rex Umbra IX
  • Mitoice
    Yea... Transmorg is coming too.... im just too excited for the housing items i forgot about transmorg....

    As you can see... im a hoarder
  • Mitoice
    I already have my bank full and im an eso plus member
  • Inhuman003
    Is this truly confirm, if so this is awesome
  • MissBizz
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  • Vanthras79
    Thanks @ZOS_PhilipDraven and @ZOS_MandiParker ! The next step is to have armor mannequins and weapon racks to display our lootz :wink:

    This made my day :smiley:
    Norion Germain - Telvanni Wizard, Covenant Battle Mage, Resident of Wayrest, and Lord of Tel Galen.

  • Asardes
    We are going to add more to Homestead over time, and I'm happy to announce that home storage is coming to ESO in early 2018, giving you the ability to store inventory items in your home. You all have been asking for it ever since Homestead launched, and it's coming soon. We'll release more information about how the home storage system will work shortly after the first of the year.

    Nicely done. I will have a reason to buy homes now. Though I'm still waiting for the essential details.
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  • rootimus
    Asardes wrote: »
    Nicely done. I will have a reason to buy homes now. Though I'm still waiting for the essential details.

    Based entirely on the track record ZOS has for adding things, it's probably best to first wait and see how they screw up the storage implementation. :(
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  • kiyoshigawa
    I can say that if this storage update also comes with an item limit increase on manors, I will be buying at least 1 manor for crowns right away, possibly more. The only thing keeping me from having done so already was the 700 item cap.
  • wenchmore420b14_ESO
    Yes!!!! This is GREAT news!!! But the question still begs to be answered....
    Adding new things is not possible as our guild hall is maxed in slots!
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  • Mitoice
    Yes, the only thing keeping me from buying more houses was:
    1. No storage (gone now)
    2. 700 cap item limit

    If these two are gone... im buying 2 or 3 notable homes for my guild and myself.
  • SSlarg
    *Huggles ZoS*

    Thank You for housing Storage!
    PS4 NA PSN - SSlarg
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  • Orticia
    Waiting with my enthusiasm till i know exactly what they will be adding with this housing storage an how it will work. But I am glad they are adding some quality of life feature at any rate, now lets hope it's great.
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