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Offensive AP ticks should be halved.

  • AllPlayAndNoWork
    I think the whole thing is arse about face. High AP for taking empty keeps but low AP for epic defences of them........

    1 person takes an empty keep 6k. 50 people take an empty keep 6k each.

    20 people save or defend that keep against 50 get tiny amounts (in comparison) of AP each..... Depending how long it was under attack for.

    That is true, and it has to do with the fact that AP from D Ticks are only AP earned from kills during the defense, and that AP is divided between everyone. I had a friend to stayed behind on a Keep that was defended during an low pop camp emp push and since he was the only one there he got 100k AP from it since there was no one to share it with. But stuff like that are things of legends, usually its large scale fights with 20-75+ defenders that get F all AP. I think there should be a base reward for defending just like in capturing, especially with how much harder it is to defend sometimes, and the enemies can easily cheat you out of the D tick by sending one person in constantly over and over preventing the D Tick from happening. Seen it done far too many times. However a base D tick can easily be exploited for quick AP farming by 2 people of the opposing faction so a time limit like that of the O tick should be in place, and even then it might be that the base reward was half of that of the O tick or something but that is for devs to figure out if they like the idea. Eitherway, D ticks should feel more rewarding than they are this is true, but they should also not give so much that people stop capturing stuff like we had before the O tick buff.

    This.. exactly. The amount given should be based on how long you were there & involved (attacking & defending)..... Not so much for just turning up at the end to leech the tick.
  • IcyDeadPeople
    raviour wrote: »
    Its like the outpost farm in the 1st AP event at the moment, no-one cares about the map.

    People cared a lot less about the map before they increased offense ticks.
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