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New”ish” to ESO

Soul Shriven
Hello all,

For the past few months I have been dabbling in ESO, trying to learn by doing and playing a few of the classes to gauge which I wanted to create as a main. I have settled on a Stam Sorc, as it has a playstyle I most identify with and enjoy.

Now that I know that I want to be into this game for the long run, I am searching for a group of folks to guild with that also do not mind taking a relatively new player [read: complete newbro] under their wings to really learn the ropes.

I am interested in PvE and PvP and wish to look at some RP as well.
My character is a Khajit Stam Sorc playing on @Akronna username.
Dominion - faction (would prefer same)

PC - NA - AD
New Player

Do'aumen-jo | Khajiit Stam Sorc
  • Easily_Lost
    Check out the Guild Recruitment at the bottom of the page. Just click on the one for your platform and server.
    PC - NA - AD
    PVE & Solo only

    Meet the LOST family: CP 810+ ( only took me 4 years to get to max CP )
    Easily Lost Crafter - lvl 50 - Sorcerer High Elf ( knows all traits and most styles )
    Easily Lost II - lvl 50 - Sorcerer High Elf
    Easily Lost V - lvl 50 - Sorcerer High Elf
    Always Lost I - lvl 43 - Warden Redguard
    Forever Lost II - lvl 50 - Sorcerer High Elf

    As you can tell I love Sorcerers and High Elves

    CROWN CRATES: It doesn't affect gameplay, it's not mandatory, it's cosmetic only. If it helps to support the game and ZOS, I support it! Say YES to crown crates.
  • davey1107
    Welcome(ish) the the game.

    A first tip is for you to edit your signature in these forums so your posts indicate your platform, server and character. This can help people responding. Like if you ask about an armor set and we can see you’re a Khajiit Stam Sorc it might help with the answer, or if you ask about guilds it’s helpful to know your server. To create a signature, go up to the black bar at the top of the forum and click the gear next to your ID. Then select edit profile...signature.

    If you’re on PS4 NA, let me know (reply to this post and use @davey1107 in the post) and I’ll refer you to some active guilds on this server.
  • SydneyGrey
    Stam sorcs are my absolute favorites to play. <3
  • TheanGrim
    Soul Shriven
    @davey1107 ,

    I am a PC player, but thanks for the advice on the signature.

    PC - NA - AD
    New Player

    Do'aumen-jo | Khajiit Stam Sorc
  • tinythinker
    Welcome to Tamriel. Hope you find some great people to play with :smile:
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