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Link for "Play Free" missing?

Here's how you can join the Free Play event on the PC/Mac:
•If you participated in any ESO beta or free trial, you simply need to log into your account and click the Try Free Trial button on the right side of the page.
•If you have never played ESO, click this link to create a new ESO account which will be activated for the Free Play event automatically. You'll be provided a download link once you create your account.

So, a friend has tried this and only gets "Redeem Code" and "Buy Now" on the right side. Where's the "Play Free" link? =D
  • Tandor
    Are you sure it had gone live when he tried it? I know it started today, 30th November, and is now live but I can't find any record of what time it started and depending on time zone differences etc might he have jumped the gun?
  • redspecter23
    My friend is also seeing the same thing. Redeem Code and Buy Now. Also gets an error message when attempting to log in. Are there instructions somewhere that detail how one is supposed to participate in the free play weekend so I can pass that info along? The logical process doesn't seem to be working.
  • Stingray_67
    He received a code via e-mail almost 3 hours later... and not sure if that was prompted by my query here or his support ticket.

    The knowledge base should reflect how things will actually be done to reduce end-user confusion... at least for those that do in fact bother to look these things up. LOL

    Ah well.

    Hope others are also getting caught up.

  • Bhaal5
    One does not simply

    Play eso for "free"
  • Slick_007
    i got this instead:

    The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

    Your support ID is: 17111400207696155478

    url was
    PAPSMEAR - Positively Against Paws SMEAR campaign - Say YES to crown crates
  • Lightspeedflashb14_ESO
    any update to this?
  • Stingray_67
    It's not fixed. While individuals with CS intervention have gained access that way, the registration system for the event is broken still. At least for many.

    I really wish this were not true, as it's a pretty fun game and worth more than you can get out of it in six days. But you'll never know if this event is their only chance to gain your interest.

    Just isn't the priority they imply it is.
  • ZOS_BillE

    If your friend is still having issues activating the trial link, please let them know they can start a support ticket here to get help with this.
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