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My pre-"One Tamriel" update character sees old gear differently than new characters

Soul Shriven
Came back to the game after a bit of a break and my first character is exactly where I left it, at around CP 50 with mostly level 45-50 gear as that was the level of Coldharbour at the time. I can put that gear in the bank and another, newer character will see it as the updated/scaled gear with much higher stats, which is still understandable to a point, but any gear I try to craft appears to my first character as the pre-update versions, with extremely low stats. A level 24 steel cuirass appears as 884 on the first character but 2480 on the second.

Is this intentional? A bug? Am I out of luck with crafting until I hit CP160?
  • Seleval
    Its because of scaling. Since 1T it works differently.
    It will happen until you reach lv 50 with the new character. Then you will see the armor having the same stats
  • RadicalTed
    Soul Shriven
    New character will see pre-1T stats?
  • Ilsabet
    It's not a matter of stats being stuck in a pre-One Tamriel state. Everything in the game is now scaled to CP 160, and the armor value of gear is now directly related to the level of the gear compared to the level of the character looking at the gear. So there is no one set armor value for a piece of gear anymore. It's essentially dynamic relative to the level of the character using it.

    In your example, if your CP 50 character puts on a level 24 cuirass, he'll get crappy armor value from it because it's way underleveled compared to his level. But if your level 24 character puts on that same cuirass, he'll get good armor value from it because it's an appropriate level for him. As the level 24 guy levels up, he'll notice that the armor value of that cuirass is decreasing with each level, because he's outpacing it level-wise and the scaling isn't as beneficial.

    The moral of the story: Make sure your characters are each wearing gear for their level, and replace it as often as you need to (with gear of their new level) to maintain the kind of stats you feel you need.
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  • driosketch
    1 Tamriel scales everyone to CP160. Gear scales relative to you based on your respective levels. So your CP50 character sees the lvl24 gear, which is 30 levels below you, as approximately lvl35 gear from the old system. If you have a lvl 24 character, pull that gear out of the bank and you will see the difference, same with a level 30 character.

    If you check your character screen, in the top right corner is a star rating showing how out of date your gear is on average.
    Edited by driosketch on November 30, 2017 2:22AM
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  • RadicalTed
    Soul Shriven
    Ah, alright, I misunderstood, thanks all.
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