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My learned motifs vanished???? I need help getting them back please.

I had learned the ebonshadow and apostle style motifs around 2 weeks ago. They were both completed with 14/14. I log in today and got to the bank in CWC and forgot I had a bounty and was KOS on sight. I was killed by a guard and we I revived I no longer had ANY ebonshadow or apostle learned. These motifs were NOT something i was carrying around somewhere. I had them completed, learned, and with the achievement. No they are both gone? I need them both restored immediately please.
  • Capperton
    Soul Shriven
    Heard of this happening to another one of our guildies, good luck Thor. Hopefully they fix it soon, can see how that would be frustrating.
  • Thorgrimn
    Thanks. The submit a ticket response was completely unhelpful. I was told " Report this as a bug"
    Thats great. Doesn't help me in the least. I already posted in the bug forums. Hopefully someone fixes this big issue.
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