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"You do not qualify for this product" when I try to buy Gold Edition

Soul Shriven
Hi, I wanna buy ESO Gold Edition from the store but when I try it says "You do not qualify for this product". In my account I have only ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE BETA, and THE ELDER SCROLLS® ONLINE PUBLIC TEST SERVER. I tryed once ESO on Steam, but I haven't bought the game. It seems that I can buy either Morrowind or the Crown Gems, but not the Gold Edition. Why? If I will buy the Gold Edition from Gamestop it will work?
  • Spacemonkey
    Friends have also reported getting 500 errors when attempting to buy Gold edition through the eso store; Maybe this is the same problem?

    I told them to wait until the weekend since its the first day of the sale there might have been a bad website publish or something. Would be nice to get official comments though...
  • Resfeber
    I've only heard of that happening for people who already have the game who are trying to buy a second one. ESO Gold is its own game. You sure you didn't impulse buy during one of the Steam sales? If you've got the base game it'll tell you you can't buy new games to upgrade.

    I'd contact ESO Support to see if they can clear anything up. Forum Support can't really look into your game account.

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  • ZOS_BillE
    If you receive a message stating "You do not qualify for this product" when trying to purchase The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition from the official website, you already have a valid Elder Scrolls Online game account. You are not able to purchase the game a second time. You can contact customer support here if you have further questions regarding your ESO account.

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