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Lost the quest "The Precursor"

I have lost the quest "The Precursor". I'm sure, I haven't deleted it, but in case I have, I cannot pick it up again.

I started the quest some time ago. Now I tried to return to it, but I cannot find it in my quest log.

Associate Zanon speaks to me, as if he has send me to find the parts. (He tells me the parts are located in Cloackwork city and all over Tamriel) I can also interact with mechanical head next to him (the integral memory head, maybe?) But still I have no quest in my quest log, no map markerts, and I cannot interact with bulletin board to pick up the quest again.

This blocks me getting the new target dummy :( Any help appreciated!
  • ganzaeso
    You have completed the initial quest.

    Now you have to travel around and gather the parts. The automaton will give you hints on where they are at.

    once you have a part you talk to the automaton and the part is added to him.

    It is similar to the Orsinium museum collections.
  • MarrazzMist
    Ooou, so that how it is! I'm so used to quest markers, I didn't think there are other possibilities :o I stop being lazy gamer now.

    Thank you for quick answer @ganzaeso!!!
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