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Dating Profile: Naryu Virian Exposed!

If you come across this Dark Elf's profile on Vestigesonly.com, just keep clicking. This woman will decrease the durability of your equipment faster than a bad PUG in a DLC dungeon. She'a a fighter, not a lover - and more specifically, a deadly assassin incapable of love.

The notches on her bedpost are not from what you think they are... Beware!

She is also very wily in the art of deception. It's unfortunately typical for some to use a 10 year old picture of themselves for dating sites, but the difference here is striking:

Profile Pic:

In person:

I doubt it's the Jarl's restraining order that keeps me from being violently killed. More likely, she got tired of re-enacting the opening scene of Basic Instinct with me and moved onto some other respawning bloke with a nicer house and more Dreugh wax.

Don't say you weren't warned!
Fear is the Mindkiller
  • Glockcoma725
    You sir, win the intrawebs.
    PC-NA CP570 @Glockcoma725
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    Ri'Skarr DD Nightblade
    Myrddin Emrys DD Sorceror
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  • Ilsabet
    Now I'm imagining the disappointed fanboys who were hoping for a different kind of "exposure."
    Ilsabet Menard - DC Breton Nightblade archer - Savior of Pretty Much Everything, Grand Overlord & Empress Nubcakes
    Katarin Auclair - DC Breton Warden healer & ice mage
    My characters and their overly elaborate backstories
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    PC NA
  • NordSwordnBoard
    Ilsabet wrote: »
    Now I'm imagining the disappointed fanboys who were hoping for a different kind of "exposure."

    This is my design...
    Fear is the Mindkiller
  • Stickbow
    My (Eldred of Falinesti's) relationship with her has been completely different. Possibly it is because you met her through vestigesonly.com, rather than being formally introduced to her by someone she trusts as far as she can sling the cat.

    I must admit, I have not pursued her obvious interests, though there was one brief interchange while we were pursuing mutual interests on the Gold Coast....
  • Sigtric
    Fake news!

    Stormproof: Vibeke - 50 EP mDragonknight | Savi Dreloth - 50 EP Magsorc | Sadi Dreloth - 50 EP Magblade | Sigtric Stormaxe - 50 EP Stamsorc | Valora Dreloth - 50 EP Magplar | Sigtric the Unbearable 50 EP Stam Warden
    Scrub: Chews-on-Beavers - 50 EP DK Tank | Vera the Wild - 50 EP magicka Warden | Sigtric the Axe - 50 EP Dragonknight Crafter | Sigtric the Blade - 50 EP Lost Nightblade | Sigtric the Savage - 50 EP magicka Templar | Vibeka Shadowblade - 50 Ep Stealthy Ganky Nightblade |

    Show Me Your Dunmer
  • Gan Xing
    Gan Xing
    My relationship with her is also much different than yours. Me and Naryu go way back. I first met her when she decided to help me convince some prince to trust me. Gave me some solid advice and had my back since then.

    When I brought up vestigesonly.com with her over a mug of mead, she laughed and told me that girl was another Morag Tong agent who has more time on her hands. Someday she will introduce me to her. They have a mutual agreement. this girl utilizes Naryu's name to keep her real name secure, and Naryu uses the girl as an alibi, should anything go wrong.

    Sometimes if the girl has mixed feelings about a particular date, she sends the real Naryu to hang out with that man, and thoroughly scare him. I've heard stories... They are quite excellent.
    Gan Xing - Crafting Nightblade
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    Seeks the unusual and unique playstyles...
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