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It's Halloween and...

...your character was invited to a costume party, or maybe he/she is in a trick-or-treating tour, all this settled in the real world. What costume would he/she wear and why?

Mine (a vampire Nord) would wear a tuxedo or a sharp suit, just "for the lulz".
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  • Jaimeh
    For a real world party my character would go dressed as Galadriel (she's an Altmer, and would have fun listening to comments like, 'wow, you look just like an elf!'). For a party taking place in Tamriel, she would go dressed as Queen Ayrenn, as she is quite tall, and would make a more than passable imitation. After a while, when everyone had some time to indulge in their meads, my character would pop outside, and the real Queen Ayrenn would take her place, so that the Queen could hide in plain sight, and enjoy a party, and nobody would be the wiser. Razum-dar would also be there, wearing a glamour enchantment (similar to that one quest :smiley:), and every time someone would voice an unpleasant opinion about the Queen or the Dominion, etc, Ayrenn would have to elbow Raz to keep him from making a snide verbal retaliation :lol:
  • Totalitarian
    In my case, I had a hard time thinking of what she'd wera, but in the end, I just put down the first thing that popped into my head.

    In this case, my main Sola Auroron, would wear a black hooded coat. Which would contrast her bright eyes staring out from the hood. Of course, you could still see her face, but she'd still be as bright as ever underneath.
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