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Any skill at all similar to DK chains?

So I don't have a DK and I would like to pull an enemy to me. Esp for PvP I want to snag a person out of a group instead of me going into the middle of the enemy group, lol.

Is there any skill at all that does this besides DK chains? I know there's a monster set that does it on a proc, but it procs on a block I believe and also it's a stamina set and I'm magica.

I can't find anything so I thought I'd check if anyone else knows of something.

Or maybe I'll just level up a DK, lol.
  • Arkangeloski
    Silver leash from the fighters guild ability tree.
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  • dodgehopper_ESO
    Short answer: No.
    Long answer: Silver leash works on daedra and requires two clicks. Frosty Rune from the Warden takes a really long time to activate. The reality is neither are any where near as effective as DK chains. DK Chains rule this use. DK generally has the best crowd control of all of the classes. Sorcerer is probably second best at cc, and NB does have a snazzy fear.
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  • VaranisArano
    You can also use the Swarm Mother monster set to chain in adds. You'll need to taunt adds with a ranged taunt like Inner Fire and block in order to pull them in to you. It works like a charm, but is less useful on certain boss fights.
  • paulsimonps
    Wardens Frozen Gate will pull anything that enters it AoE to you, with next update you will be able to put down 3 of them at the same time. This will work for what you want it to do, be like chains. However, don't try to use it on the Twins in Maw, you NEED it to be a single target pull. Pulling the wrong target is devastating. You could though, like others said use a taunt and then Swarm Mother monster set. With the 1s cooldown isntead of 2s now its really effective for non DKs. Its also amazing in PvP.

    Oh and want to add that the Wardens Frozen Gate can with its much much longer range be devastating in PvP. You can pull people out or in from breaches in Keeps or Walls or in the openings on Bridges or Mile gates. Pulling people away from their faction or group only to then be nuked by yours.
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