Small mature social guild.

Hey! I'm trying to meeting some like minded players to have a good time with. I've been playing eso on and off since it was first released on Xbox in 2015. I changed platform over to PC less than a year ago and started a new character which I got to level 35 before taking a break. I've decided to come back and this time make some friends as I've pretty much always played alone. Even though I've been playing a while I still feel like there's a lot I still need to learn. My highest level character only reached the first few champion points so I would still class myself as a noob. I'm twenty six, I work, I'm a student and I'm a parent so I do have other commitments that come before gaming so I'm looking for a small guild of mature players that don't take it all too serious! Or if you fancy starting up a guild hit me up and we'll chat!
  • Jiandao

    You might be interested in The Sewerjacks. We are a small, but perfectly formed active guild of mature friendly players.

    We welcome new and returning players alike and readily help each other.

    We run dungeons together from random normal to Vet DLC and we also run guild events. We are also very active in Cyro and of course the sewers and IC. We have TS, but most of us now prefer our Discord channel, which is active and chatty.

    Many of us have families, shift patterns and bearded dragons so we understand when someone has to suddenly go afk in the middle of a dungeon to deal with a screaming child. I myself work shifts and had twins in December.

    If you're interested, contact me @Kodora79 in game for a chat.

    Good hunting!
  • LelaBenet

    I run a small casual mature guild with both vet and new players in it. We are very chill and plan to stay generally small. We all realize how important IRL is and all we ask our members is to join our Discord server to stay in touch out of the game and read all the important guild info.

    If you are interested in joining us please don't hesitate to visit our guild thread or contact me in game. Alternatively you can also contact CaiBravetide, Junivaire or skunkmajor
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