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Consider raising the furnishing item cap in Notable homes

Dear ZOS,

I was surprised to see no mention of the item cap when reading the CWC patch notes, especially with two incredible CWC notable homes coming our way. I hope this reaches someone over at ZOS.

As an owner of the island (notable home), I would love to buy the crown furniture packs and all the new exciting furniture coming in CWC. Unfortunately it means making the decision to remove something from my home because I am item capped. As everything is meticulously and thoughtfully placed, I am unable to do so without destroying a build. Despite being at the 700 item cap, the island is surprisingly empty. Just the plants alone eat up half my item cap.

While on the topic, the collectibles item cap must increase too. I would love nothing more than to showcase all the amazing Crown Crate mounts in the game that I own, or create a zoo. But with 10 slots for them on an entire island, such a thing is not possible. Especially since the banker and smuggler and merchant count towards that 10.

The existence of the limit has adversely affected my furniture and home purchase decisions. It even affects my mount and pet purchase decisions since I view them as potential furniture to place in a home.

There are several ways to accomplish raising the item limit, from Crown Store to gold, and ultimately you will know the best way.

Please consider raising the item cap. I would like to see my island volcano paradise reach its full potential.


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  • Aurie

    Think all us housing enthusiasts agree with this. Bumped as we don't want to let these threads disappear off the first page during busy forum times. The subject is too important for the devs to 'lose sight of'.
  • JasonSilverSpring
    They have said they understand the desire and are working on the performance concerns.
  • Stormahawk
    They have said they understand the desire and are working on the performance concerns.

    I am fine paying Crowns for the "performance concerns." Just need something, anything, to raise the item cap!
  • ak_pvp
    Not just notable. My forsaken stronkhold is rather empty.
    Edited by ak_pvp on September 29, 2017 3:03PM
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    What i suspect we may see is a set of new limits.

    they can possibly set different limited for animated, interactive and static furnishings - because of performance issues, and significantly increase the static cap. that would still serve many folks' needs for more furnishings.

    but a lot depends on how much of the workload for animated and interactive can be put on the PC and not their servers after loading.

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