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LF organised AD pvp guild.

Currently got my teeth into pvp as a healer and im now looking for an semi/organised pvp guild fight for Aldmeri Dominion. Not so found of being in groups that just split leaving people to die and accomplish not so much.
Hopefully you lovely people will have some suggestions for me.
Probably not got the best experience but always eager to learn so i can assist in bringing the hurt to reds and blues :)
  • Gelmir
    In Lodge of Sorceresses we plan to launch our PvP project and assemble a Core comprised of at least 3-4 squads, lead by Lieutenants. This project is still pending because currently we are working on our PvE project - trying to finalize vTrial Raid Core recruitment. You are welcome to join us until then - should happen in few weeks tops.
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  • Eligos
    Thank you for the reply but I've recently joined a PvP build. If it doesn't work out I would love to join you sometime :)
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