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We're very excited to announce that the famous (or, perhaps, infamous!) Khajiit Men'Do will be writing a regular travel stories and advice column featuring questions from you, the citizens of Tamriel. Please join us in welcoming him!

The regular bi-weekly column will appear on Reply to this thread to ask Men'Do for advice—if you’re lucky, he may pick your questions for his next column.

Take it away, Men'Do!
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  • Draxys
    The Erperor speaks

    rip decibel
  • MissBizz
    Community Ambassador
    Do Khajiit need to trim all their claws, none at all, or only their front (legs? arms?) as the hind leg claws may wear down from walking?
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  • Darlgon
    This one wonders.. what city gave you the worst reception? and was it before or after Knahaten Flu outbreak?
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    Where is the end game? You just played it.
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  • KriHavok
    Has Khajiit every dabbled in... Skooma...? Or perhaps... Moon Sugar? I hear it is good, but I am unsure if I should try.
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  • urkrtheorcwarchief
    My name is Urkro gro-Bogmack i have to ask how do khajiti people deal with all that fur Us orks dont need sjuch things for the hot blood of battle always runs through our vains but why keep fur even when warm it makes as much sense as inviting molag-bal over for food and drink
  • zedich
    Greetings Men'Do,

    I was traveling through Northern Bangkorai and I came upon a grisly scene. Two skeletal figures sat at a table next to a camp. The fire was long cold and any belongings had been removed before my arrival. However, on the table sat a large assortment of cheeses that I can only guess was to be their meal. All of the cheese was still edible, not a single wheel or slice was moldy or dry. I felt oddly compelled to take some cheese for myself, the -need- for cheese was so forward in my mind that I lost all track of myself and my surroundings...I was standing there until a traveling companion found me and brought me out of my daze. She said I had been missing for two days. Suffice to say, I left that accursed camp as fast as I could but I do wonder, were those two skeletons victims of this curse before? Had they sat there until they dried up and wasted away?
    Have you ever encountered such a thing before? I still find myself thinking back to it, and to the cheese...oh the cheese...

    Sincerely, Lielore.
  • Frozstee
    "This one starts to think Men'Do may have left on another adventure, Zharum is saddened by this for he had hoped to catch Men'Do before leaving."
    "Zharum is rather knowledgeable, perhaps this one could offer some insight to the companions yes? Firstly this one knows that a smart Khajiit will keep their claws perfectly sharpened with proper preening. Khajiit has claws, why would he not want them sharp? This one also has never had to worry about his feet claws, Zharum is quite the adventurer and runs large distances."
    *takes a moment to double check his claws, preening them a moment as needed of course.*

    "Friend Skyeyes ... dealing with the Bretons *scoffs*, this one too understands your struggle with the other races wanting to put their dirty hands on Zharum's fine fur. It is not this one's fault they do not have such luxuries. This one believes asking others to not "pet" you works, sometimes. If they persist in treating you like a house cat, Zharum suggests extending the claws first! This one knows the Altimer can be quick to jail Khajiit for swiping at unwanted touching... unfair Zharum claims!"
    *huffs a bit at the situation, before moving on to address another concern... pausing a moment in classic Khajiit confusion as a large orc poses a question.*

    "Orc-Boogmack, this one greets you. Zharum has heard much about the Orcs and their lust for battle, this one assumed Orcs had a layer of blubber which keeps them warm, apparently this one is incorrect. Zharum and fellow Khajiits, as far as this one knows, do not have hot blood within. Such could be reason why Orcs do not have fur? Such is okay though, only Khajiit's have the glorious benefit of fur"
    *chuckles a bit*
    "Orc would not invite Molag-bal for drinks, but this Khajiit would, if just to steal from him and prove Zharum is the best thief!"

    ((Obviously I'm not Men-do or claim to be as awesome, but there was questions posed and no answers have even started. Why not let some of the RPers jump in with their own 2-cents? I also love Khajiits.))

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  • LoreRiley
    Is it true that Khajit's pubes are glorious?
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  • King_Brady1
    Greetings Men'Do.

    I've been wondering how you and your wonderful Khajiit people feel about Argonians. I have 2 great friends, an Argonian and A Khajiit, however, my Khajiit friend insist on leaving my Argonian friend and no longer hang around him. Do Khajiits hate Argonians? Have Argonians and Khajiit been in a war of somekind? And perhaps you might know a way how to help me get my 2 friends to get along?

    Thank you for reading this (If you are), Men'do! :D<3<3
  • Vorcil
    My feet hurt, by Vorcil of the Dagger:

    Serpents on cold sands, wild and free,
    Withering through fine grains, shiny and sleek;
    Leyawiin to High Rock, to Seyda Neen,
    Lost and wandering, holding no key.

    No lands to harvest, no wife to hold,
    for within heart, is eternal winter cold;
    My blade is the only, honest and true,
    Merchants and ship captains, heartless less boon.

    Worried I am, to travel so far,
    travelling the Morrow, lost many a Guar;
    Searching for something, to fulfill thee,
    that's when I died, got hit by a tree.

    Edited by Vorcil on December 7, 2015 3:17AM
  • King_Brady1
    I'm just going to Assume Men'Do died. :cry:
  • Islyn
    Should have called him Men'Don't

    At least it would be accurate know...imurshun.
    Edited by Islyn on December 21, 2015 5:56PM

    THIS IS WHY ELE DRAIN AND ORBS ARE IMPORTANT IF YOU'RE A HEALER see reply below from DK who cleared Sanctum Hard Mode with 5 Player Group
    Islyn wrote: »
    That whips DK though - love the mana Not Being Empty!

    I would LOVE some tips! I tend to burn through my mana TOO FAST (I use same rotation etc) and I am not sure what I am doing wrong?

    Any advice from that DK would be SO appreciated!
    YoloWizard wrote: »
    Well, I don't probably do anything different than you its all about the healer you run with. @Kathrein was applying elemental drain and throwing mystic orbs from time to time to synergies. Other than that I would be at 0 magicka all the time
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  • Weberda
    Men'Do is bugged. He will be fixed in the next incremental patch (we hope).
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  • DrizztWulfgar

    I must ask when does ganking with friends...become a problem. I'm worried can it become an addiction.

    Sincerely, DrizztWulfgar
  • Tucker3711
    With all that khajjit fur how does one stay cool in the A'lkir?? :/
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  • Serjustin19
    As most would say, I live mostly in Cyrodiil. I have come and gone, to many alliances. 2 alliances, I have spent longer of the 3. Whilst, 1 alliance I spent longer; of all 3 combined.

    3Rd alliance, I have repeatedly went; off and on. But now I been serving, little longer. In a certain campaign. Rather right or wrong, I will not go there.

    I'm getting kinda used to, seeing new sights. Whilst serving Ebonheart currently. But something, keeps catching my eye. As of course, confuses me all the same.

    I keep seeing a special caravan, always at the same place. As well comes with a nice, traders name. "Kajiit Has Wares" I have always admire Traders, traveling on dangerous land. Just to set up shop and sell there Wares.

    Forgive me, for going out of place. But I have 3 questions, I need answers. Answers to my hungry, burning questions. I must seek out. These 3 questions I keep pondering. Maybe my answers would, finally be sought-after. Hence long story.

    1. I keep trying to buy things, from" Kajiit Has Wares" But Kajiit,Sadly don't have any; Wares to sell. Why does "Kajiit Have Wares", When Kajiit Has Wares". Don't Have any Wares to sell?

    2. Is this "Kajiit Have Wares" Caravan, an imposter; since again has no Wares to buy?

    3. Did M'aiq The Liar, had something to do with this?
    Edited by Serjustin19 on September 20, 2017 2:52AM
    Official PSN message. 4-18-18 (Copy/Paste) Hey Justin. It is ok. You can be so much more without the *(left name out). For me you are always a legend. Look for a job you want. You always write like a bard or poet so maybe you should write a book"

    It Was A Glorious 2+ years in Scourge PS4 EU, especially during both the 1st and 2nd Scourge. As well as my time in Haderus PS4 EU. What will my journey bring, during my time in Shor, We shall wait; for my journey has only begun.

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