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Tiny group/guild of 3players searching

Soul Shriven

We're a tiny group of players looking for more players. We want to be a small group as we like to keep it personal. We play mostly solo on questing (but we're always on comms together) but join together to fight bosses, group caves and help each other in any way needed.

ATM we're CP 110-180 with one NB (DPS), Mage (DPS), Templar (Healer).

We're located in Sweden and Finland and speak English in chat. Age range is 35-40.

We mostly need a tank atm but any class is welcome.

PM me for more info.

Regards SisU
  • tunaghost
    Soul Shriven
    Would be interested, but not able to PM on forums though.

    My forum nick is the same as ingame nick, so feel free to PM me there.
    Have a AD Templar that can go tank if needed.
  • sisu
    Soul Shriven
    Cool will do that.
  • Qbiken
    If you´re interesting in joining a "smaller" guild with the same purpose check my quote under the comment (see "Runners Guild"). We would love to have you here :)

    We´re a small pack (not small in terms of members but small regarding the ones that are active which would be around 20-30 people). We do PvP (mostly as DC) and a lot of PvE as well. We´ve people with a wide range of experience with both PvP and PvE.

    If you feel interested PM me here on the forums or ingame @Qbiken. You can also contact Zesir0 who´s the guildmaster of the guild.
    Immortal Redeemer - Gryphon Heart - Dro-m'Athra Destroyer - The Unchained
    And apparently still not a PvE player

    DC - Octius Ciel - Magicka Sorcerer - Breton
    DC - Evelina Septim - Magicka Templar - Breton
    EP - Josephine Tharn - Magicka Templar - Breton
    DC - Zireael the White Flame - Stamina Sorcerer - Bosmer
    EP - Qbi-One-Kenobi -Stamina DK - Argonian
    AD - Anconeus - Magicka Nightblade - High Elf
    EP - Cirilla Élen Riannon - Magica Dragonknight - Dark Elf
    AD - Fifty Shades of Cloak - Stamina Nightblade - Imperial
    AD - Alinare Larentius - StaminaTemplar - Redguard
    DC - The Alt-Knight - Stamina Dragonknight - Nord
    DC - Féreldir - Magicka Warden - Argonian
    AD - Kuvirá - Stamina Sorcerer - Redguard
    EP - 1vX Material - Stamina Warden - Orc
    EP - Fenrir the Windwalker - Stamina Sorcerer - Imperial
    EP - Q_Q Mancer Stamina Necromancer - Imperial

    EP - Sister Q - Stamina Sorcerer - Nord
    EP - Queue but the ueue is silent - Nightblade - Dark Elf

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