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New player - Looking for casual, social guild

Soul Shriven

I started playing ESO again. I bought on release but had no one to play with and to be honest got bored playing with myself. My highest level char was really not that high so I decided to start fresh. I think if I was in a social guild who use voice chat I would really enjoy ESO, after all the social side is a massive part of MMOs.

I am married, early 30s, have kids. My main game time is around 7:30-11:30ish UK time on week days and much later at weekends. My playing days really depend on what night shifts my wife is doing. When my wife is working I am looking out for my kids so if they decide to wake up and need anything I will obviously have to go see to their needs.

I prefer guilds with member numbers below 100 who are active over guilds with hundreds of members who are not as active as I feel it makes the guild more personal and it's easier to get to know other guildies.

I am a PvE player, have no interest in PvP for MMOs. I would class myself as a noob at this game so you might get me asking some stupid questions.

My MMO experience is:
WoW - Some raiding in Vanilla, TBC, WoTLK. Played each of the other expansions but probably for less than a month on each.
Rift, SWTOR, Tera, GW2 - Got to max level and did a few group instance, no raiding.

I am just looking for a casual, mature, social guild to fit in with my life. I have no interest in trying to fit my life around raid times etc. That was fine when I played WoW and had no responsibilities, things are different now.

I just got Morrowind so will be leveling as a Warden.
  • Aimsley
    Hi @Vulme I've sent you a private message as I think you and I have a lot in common and I'm sure I can help you with your search.
  • Kreateer
    Hello, @vulme! We at Blood Vortex would love to have you with us! We are a mostly PvE-oriented, casual vampire RP guild with almost 50 members at the time of writing. All our members are always willing to teach and help each other and we have several weekly events to spice things up a bit and not just grind dungeons or dolmens together :smile: If you are interested in becoming a vampire and a bit of roleplay, add me in-game (@Kreateer) or join our Discord server (https://discord.gg/kmw9ahp)! ^^
  • Jiandao

    You might be interested in The Sewerjacks. Although we do a lot of PvP, we do also help each other with pledges, levelling, gear and advice.

    We are also a mature guild and are forgiving of real life issues. I had twins in December so sometimes have to stop in the middle of a dungeon to deal with them. Some of our members also have young children whom we have to pause for at times. We are also tolerant of awkward working hours and some of our members, including myself, work shifts. To accommodate this, we are very flexible with events and often hold an event more than once to give everyone a chance to participate should they wish.

    We have no desire to be a big guild and like to take time to get to know each other. We have TS and Discord and our members are very active on Discord. Sometimes some of us can only listen on voice chat if kids are sleeping in the background.

    If you're interested in joining us and taking Emeric's gold piece, contact either myself @Kodora79 or our officer @Beithe13 in game.

    Good hunting!

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