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Guardians of Equality - Social LGBT Friendly Guild Is Recruiting

Soul Shriven
Heya people.

Guardians of Equality is a new LGBT friendly guild.
Are you looking for a nice guild to chat and hang out in, while being yourself?
Then this is the guild for you. We accept all factions, races, genders and orientations.
And new/returning/veteran ESO players. Everyone is welcome.

A few ground rules.

Be mature and civil to one another.
Don't cause drama.
This isn't a dating guild.
And we are no substitute therapists.

And the most important rules.

Have fun!
Meet new friends and hang out.

In the meantime. Tell us a bit about yourself?
How long have you been playing, what do you enjoy most.
And what's your preferred gender pronoun?
Hope to see ya in the guild soon!
  • flagranttomcat
    Soul Shriven
    Add me please.. psn flagranttomcat eso arceus
  • BearMoose
    Soul Shriven
    Can you add me and my friend?
    Me: Bearmoose
    Friend: Majik Bear

    We are both avid players and looking for a lgbt group to run content with
  • OnlyEthan
    Can I request an add to PSN name is OnlyEthan
    PSN: OnlyEthan
    Server: EU
    Time Zone: BST or GMT+1
    Main Character: S'rashi the Khajit CP780
  • memorycrisis
    Soul Shriven
    Hi everyone. My name is Martin (PSN:memorycrisis), I'm 39 and I live in the UK. I have dipped my toes into ESO a few times since beta, but have only levelled one character to max, so I know very little about the game. Although I have a few champion points, I would class myself as a new player. I'm only a casual player due to studying and I'm very rarely online at weekends. Currently levelling a Dunmer Sorcerer (whose name eludes me right now) as part of the Ebonheart Pact. I enjoy exploring and hunting for treasure the most. Although I am fairly inexperienced with ESO, I am a very experienced MMORPG player and have been playing them for approx.20 years.

    I am looking for a guild that welcomes LGBT players who choose not to use voice chat. I prefer to stick to text chat and I do have a keyboard.

    Gender pronouns: he, him

  • msetten
    I’d like to join. My name is Mark and live in the Netherlands. I have been playing Elder Scrolls Online for over a year and a half now. I have 9 characters though only two are my main characters for quests (the others mainly for the future which I am now building up and getting fully trained in riding skills). My two main characters are a nightblade with dual wield and bow and a sorcerer. Both level 50 with CP a bit below 600 at the moment. My night blade is also a full crafter so if people need things crafted, I can certainly help out. When providing the necessary components, I will craft for free for guild mates.

    Due to some health issues, I can play most of the times during the day. So far, I have only played solo quests, but I would like to start group PvE with friendly people who are willing to help others out and are not getting angry if something doesn’t work out at the first try. And who are willing to do the quests in group dungeons too, not just run though it. I’m not really into PvP.

    Oh, almost forgot. My PSN is msetten
    Edited by msetten on November 29, 2017 8:31AM
  • Cymro83
    Psn AtomicWeasel83

    Hi my names Tom, I’m a returning player formerly on the Xbox one and recently joined PS4.

    Struggling to find a guild that’s just right and is also social and happy to team up for anything other than just pledges or dungeons.
    Edited by Cymro83 on February 7, 2018 5:20PM
  • WhoSlappedThePie
    how many members ya got? what vet trials do you run? i'd love to see an LGBT guild smash vMoL :D

    "you 6 hit the black dude first"
    "you can't say that, he has a name, hes called Vashai"
    "its not a he, it's xe, call xim a xim please or kick."

    "It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop."

    Current Toons (Max CP):
    Magsorc Breton
    Magblade Darkelf
    Stam DK Redguard
    Healer Templar High Elf
    Tank DK Argonian
    Stamblade Redguard

    Completed: vHoF | vMoL | vSO | vSO HM | vAA | vAA HM | vHR | vHR HM | vMA | vDSA
  • MikeyInBrum
    Hi returning player after couple years not logging in! 29 based in UK and not had any luck with finding decent active guild! Psn is Mikey_Burgess :) thanks
    Edited by MikeyInBrum on February 7, 2018 3:02PM
  • Denting
    Soul Shriven
    Not sure if you're all still active, but if you are I'd like an invite - been playing for years solo on pc, switched to PS4 back in decemeber and it's a bit boring playing without a guild after all this time
    I'm based in the UK and I play most days of the week so would be fun to have people to play with :smile:

    PSN: nalixmn

    Thanks !
  • chikorawl
    PSN: chikorawl

  • Kaledis
    Soul Shriven
    Is this still a thing?

    Would be nice to join a LGBT guild.
  • Seaborn
    Soul Shriven
    Would love to join you guys! Sam_the_Jester
    Also LGBTA+ friendly? If so, I would like to join.
  • TankTheMighty
    Please add me PSN: MarshallTank

    Thanks :)
  • Kaledis
    Soul Shriven
    My PSN is kaledisfel.... forgot to add that.
  • OnlyEthan
    Hey I would be willing to join!

    I have been playing ESO for about 2 years now, struggling to find a guild that actually wants to do events.

    If anyone out there wants to add me to do group PVE feel free.
    Edited by OnlyEthan on April 15, 2018 8:05PM
    PSN: OnlyEthan
    Server: EU
    Time Zone: BST or GMT+1
    Main Character: S'rashi the Khajit CP780
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