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Housing Cap Explained

  • Malacthulhu
    lasertooth wrote: »
    Feedback is the second most important thing a player can give back to a gaming company. The first is money. I've given both to zos, and I will continue to do so until I lose interest in housing, and thus lose interest in the game. I had never spent money in this game prior to housing with the exception of 3 years of eso plus and the banker/merchant/occasional experience scroll. Since housing, however, I've happily found many things to support the game and spend my money on.

    I'm glad there are numerous posts daily about the low item cap. It means people care enough to log in and write a complaint. Some complaints are worded more eloquently than others, but at the end of the day it's still feedback, and like our money it's a gift that I sincerely hope zos is not taking for granted.

    The first day that goes by on this forum without a complaint about the housing situation will be a sad day for zos. It will mean that avid "complainers" like myself have lost interest in ESO housing and we've found something else to spend our time and money on.

    So I disagree wholeheartedly with the OP. I think the complaints are a good thing, and to every player who comes on here to voice their concern about the low item cap, please do not be afraid to speak up and let zos know how you feel. The majority of the fellow housing peeps like myself support you.

    Why does the op continue to read them lol. All he really did was make his own raisw the house cap thread without the intention. I think the term do not feed the trolls is completely lost on these forums. Why draw more attention to something he clearly thinks recieves too much attention as it is. He chooses to read it he chose to draw more attention to it by creating his own thread lol. I think everyone should be free to post what they want but, it is a privilege at the discretion of the mods and admins otherwise the person can practise their freedom of speech elsewhere as they do not own the medium though a lot of people act entitled as though they do.

    Personally, I am glad he made another raise the item cap on houses thread, even though he worded it wrong. Also, probably the majority of us have already read ZoS's comment, as we can all read, so I think he just assumes everyone except for him has low iq. I whole heartly agree with you that feedback is important and from a business point involving money, if ZoS did not then they would not have created these forums as a medium to touch base.
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  • SGT_Wolfe101st
    As others have stated but I think it would help greatly would be to add large structures into the game. Add walls, stairs, fireplaces, different kitchen pieces, etc. So many of my item cap issues arise from trying to get very creative with the objects we have. Stairs, no problem, let me take 30-40 stone slabs and make a stair case, or I could just place "staircase, rough, stone, 90 deg" instead. This alone would save so many slots, same thing with flooring, I have seen people do amazing things to add texture to walls and floors with "unintended" items and the result is amazing. Rather than another rock type, this time with green and light green moss how about we get the items that we are making by another means. This alone would help the majority of housing users get 20-30-40-50 slots back, which would allow for the finishing touches, the clutter, the nick-knacks that help the house feel lived in.
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