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Dark Revenant EU-UK Mature Guild

Soul Shriven
Dark Revenant is recruiting.

We're a very small vetran MMO guild of mature players, with a player base of the age 37+ We are not hardcore but like to do end content. And would welcome any like minded players that play with a social aspect and light RP in mind. Our guild is a vampire based guild but warm bloods are welcome, just keep one eye opened when you sleep.

So if your looking for a small guild wanting end content and group play, friendly banter drop us a line. Happy adventures.

  • Nervani
    Sounds like an awsome guild. Please send me a invite :smiley:@Nervani
    @Nervani (+16 other accounts)

    [Crazy Elves] - (PC-EU) Guildmaster
    [Casual Rascals] - (PC-EU, PC-NA, XBOX1-EU) Founder/Guildmaster (retired)
  • ShadowStealth
    Soul Shriven
    Inv sent @Nervani welcome and hope you enjoy playing in the guild. As said we are small but fun :)
  • Hey-its-Me
    can I get am invite? What information do you need so that I can find you when I'm on my Xbox?
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