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Solstice is Recruiting! PvE, Guild Bank, All Players Welcome! Guild Trader Soon! XB1 NA

Soul Shriven
Solstice is open to players of any level and experience! Our guild focuses mostly on PvE activities with a growing player interest in PvP. We enjoy helping newer players navigate their way around the world of ESO as well as running endgame content with the veterans. There are multiple guild houses for members to visit and we have crafters ready to take your requests. Due to recent member donations, we are now looking into acquiring a guild trader! Solstice has no activity requirements and membership is always free!

We take pride in making sure that our guild bank is stocked with common resources for crafters and other items of interest. After promotion to Member, everyone has access to the bank! While we encourage our members to utilize the bank as a go-to stop, it is asked that those making larger withdrawals deposit gold or items of roughly equivalent value in order to sustain our resources.


Solstice's goal is for its members to have fun playing the game, so there are no hard and fast criteria for rank promotions. Trustworthiness, activity, donations, and length of membership can all affect member promotions.

Guildmaster/Captain: Full privileges.

Senior Officer: Ability to remove members.

Officer: Ability to demote members and hire guild traders.

Benefactor: Ability to view bank gold. Awarded to those who have made significant contributions to the guild.

Senior Member: Ability to promote Recruits to Member status.

Member: Access to the guild bank.

Recruit: Can edit member notes to include specialties and preferences.

*Higher ranks have all of the permissions of those below them.

Leave your GT for an invite and be sure to join the club Solstice on Xbox Live!
  • Vodkard
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I'm a long time MMO player (since EQ1). I've been playing ESO for a few weeks now and I love it. I'm a level 16 Imperial DK named Lysandria and I think it's time she finds a guild to call home. I'm an older gamer who normally solos but tries to do some group activity once a day. I do like getting to know and helping out other guild members. I've played endgame in about 5 MMOs through the multitudes I've played. My favorite MMO I've played so far is FFXIV, followed by LOTRO in a close second. Though EQ1 and EQ2 hold special places in my heart too. I plan to stay with this game for a long time. My XBox and ESO gamer tag is: Vodkard

    Thank you for your consideration

    Vodkard Rockhard
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