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Ye old main story

The old main story was fun, and I think originally after beta it helped immerse the player into a somewhat meaningful experience. Now, since One Tamriel, Everytime I complete the quests on a new character, the prophet or another of the chars immediately appears telling you to hurry to the harborage. Back in the day, these events were unlocked by levels. I think that should be kept. Even if we're allowed to level a character to 50 without the main story...once we hit 50 and if we decide to do the story, then sure...let one after another happen. But I think prior to that, the levels should unlock the mission. It just helps with immersion.
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  • red_emu
    It is quite funny when after completing a quest you leave prophets cave and he appears straight away telling you to hurry back to the harborage.

    I mean come on old man! Could you not have told me you have new piece of intel when I was there? Like 10 seconds ago? Do you suffer memory loss or something?
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  • Autumnhart
    I disagree, I was happy to get the MQ out of the way before lvl 25 on my most recent character.

    Maybe they could disable the visitations on accounts that have done the MQ before, or at least give us that option. We know where to find the Prophet when we want him, and he only gives useful info in person anyway.
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  • Nestor
    For me, it's him chasing me around now. I liked it better when I would only see him at the gates of the main city of the Alliance I was in. That way I could ignore the MQ if I wanted to. Now, he is showing up in my houses to ask for help.

    I understand it makes it easier to find and do the MQ this way, but there has to be a better way. A work around is to talk to him, but just never go to the Harborage. At least then you can quest in MQ Peace.
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  • PrinceShroob
    Why not just put the main quest on a timer -- say, finish one and you'll get the next one tomorrow. Like with dailies.
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