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Need advice, Bosmer Warden cp177 with terrible DPS

Hey everyone,

This is my first MMO and I came into this game with no prior knowledge of how it worked. I created a Warden/Woodelf and wanted to use magicka and a staff. so thats what i did. 2 months later i've learned a bit about the game, joined guild and realized im not where i should be DPS wise. Im only putting out between 7k-20k dps with deep fissure, screaming cliff racer, force pulse and my destruction staff ult. I started looking into builds for bosmers and it seems they work best as stam mage/bow users, also found a Stamina Warden Bow Build “Racer” from alcast. Wondering if i could get some help/feedback please, i just would like to have a dps character that can put out above 20k and not die from 1 hit. Thanks :smiley:
  • drakhan2002_ESO
    Best advice here, honestly, is to start over. Consider the first character a "test run". If you want to stay Warden, stam race might be Redguard and magicka might be High Elf. Consider changing classes as well. A very powerful character that's easy to play is a magicka Templar. Go 5 light, 1 med, 1 heavy. Get some Juli and Seducer; it's easy to get get crafted.

    Go do some Dolmens to level quick. Before long you'll be level 50 and much happier.
  • WhoSlappedThePie
    You could always keep that character as a crafting/storage character.

    Make something new, for DPS mag sorc and stam dk are heavy hitters.

    What level are you?
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