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Looking for Casual Guild


Looking for a casual and social guild (preferably 18+). I play mostly nights and weekends. Just started warden and enjoying the new content currently. My PSN is Amanda, but most likely I'll have to look you up. My PSN cab be a pain.
  • nightrise87
    Oh and I play mostly DC.
  • the_snype_type
    Send the_snype_type a message.
  • ABelle99
    Do you care about which alliance the guild is apart of? I could send you an invite to two pve/ pvp/ trading guilds.
  • Swelch2448
    Brotherhood of the Nine is a friendly,active adults running predominantly PvE content every night of the week.We want to grow in order to clear current trials and prepare for what comes next.We are still growing our ranks, so if you know anyone who might be a good fit invite them! We are trying to build up to get some groups together and have a solid guild store. If you want to help start what could be one of the best guilds join and pass the word! (Add swelch2448,topher64ce or Wugong_2 on psn for invite.) or post below
  • bigspender42002
    ill send you an invite were a really social guild we have endgame players and low levels
  • chrismav1986
    Soul Shriven
    Come join us at op scrubs we run all content from pve end game and pvp whats your psn and also if you have discord join our server
  • Nova Sky
    Nova Sky
    If you're still looking for a guild, or an additional guild, feel free to drop me — Quill74Pen — a line. I am the GM of Better Hide or Die, a casual social/trading guild that has more than 400 active members, most of whom are mature and helpful to their guild mates.
    "Wheresoever you go, go with all of your heart."
  • Blairy087
    If your looking for a good guild I can invite you to Brotherhood Of Bogans. We are in the Oceanic timezone(GMT +10). We have 400+ members now from various parts of the world most Australia and New Zealand with a good amount of US players as well and we are steadily growing.
    We use Discord to Organise Trials and pvp events. Just ask Bhaal5 or any off our officers for an invite code in game
    We do most content from Daily Pledges to Trials and have alot of experienced and helpful mature players.
    It doesn't matter how new or experienced you are, wether you play everyday or once a week. So if you want a guild that is Friendly, Helpful and Experienced look no further than Brotherhood Of Bogans.
    Edited by Blairy087 on July 17, 2017 2:07PM
  • Asphyxia2707
    Feel free to Psn me @ Moods2707 if you are still looking.
    Champion 790
    *Dunmer Templar Healer *Dunmer Magicka Nightblade *Khajiit Stamina Nightblade *High Elf Sorcerer*Sta &Mgk Warden
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