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ESO housing poll

  • mb10
    Yes, ESO housing needs improvements
    Lets start with the item limit problem and how the tree the size of a tower counts as the same number of items as a small cup
  • ProfesseurFreder
    Mixed opinion or Other
    Well, it's kind of a loaded poll, ain't it? Of course housing does need improvements -- that's kind of a big DUH. -- But that's not to say that I'm not 90 percent happy with it as it is.
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  • sarbonn
    Right now, housing is pretty useless to me. I'm the sort of player that might actually spend a great deal of real world money on housing if it was actually useful. But it's not. And there's no indication that the devs are planning to do anything to actually make it useful. Many players before me have illustrated what might make it functional, but nothing has been done. It's literally a place outside of the game that you can sort of dress up in useless items that don't provide any actual benefit to you.
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  • KimoBitz
    Yes, ESO housing needs improvements
    I hope they just add some new features to housing after morrowind drops
  • Herelacfreahelm
    Yes, ESO housing needs improvements
    I would like to see them really improve the housing in the game. They have given us beautiful houses in the game with great designed items to purchase but have very little reason to want to spend time in the houses.

    There are many good ideas here and hope that the developers will consider them in future game updates. After having played elder scrolls skyrim and how they gave us housing in the game with npc's, a wife, children etc and a reason to spend time there when not questing, I would like to see this added to this game also

    We should be able to have pets roaming around in the house, if not already in the game our mounts in a stable. It would be nice to have a archery range and a functioning training dummy to practice with. A garden for growing things would be cool.

  • Tasear
    Yes, ESO housing needs improvements
    Fish display interesting...idea of planting has long since got me. Maybe we plant materials for upgrade materials of gear @ZOS_GinaBruno

    It would be nice to upgrade my broom :# my house is a mess.

    How about conversation of house to guild house allow rooms and put people in mini instances. It would add more unity to the game.

    Have guild members have to pay bard to give them a song.

    Maybe allow selling of crafted sets.

    ... dreams
  • Neyane
    Yes, ESO housing needs improvements
    So much needs to be added. Storage, unlimited collectible storage, proper gardening, growing your own ingredients food and alchemy, writ collection and so much more. They need to give homes a bigger purpose. To many they are just a gold sink.
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    Yes, ESO housing needs improvements
    I've put off buying housing because I just don't feel that it's worthy yet... friends have let me see their places and they're neat, but not interactive enough(meaning if I owed one I would want more interactions). I also think being about to set up areas to grow materials would be awesome... trophy displays too would be neat
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  • NeillMcAttack
    Yes, ESO housing needs improvements
    If you check my sig, I've linked a thread where I bring up a point about displaying armor sets and weapons on maniquins and racks. But most importantly I've also mentioned how it can and would bring crown sales, lots of crown sales. Which means everyone would win.
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  • ChronoChristophe
    Yes, ESO housing needs improvements
    I commented on here already, but I was thinking. It would be great if we had the same interaction with housing here that we had with Skyrim. To take it further, why not give us a quest like in Skyrim where we can earn land and build our own house. This could be a one off quest that could be picked up in any area we would want to build a house in.
  • Megabear
    Yes, ESO housing needs improvements
    I commented on here already, but I was thinking. It would be great if we had the same interaction with housing here that we had with Skyrim. To take it further, why not give us a quest like in Skyrim where we can earn land and build our own house. This could be a one off quest that could be picked up in any area we would want to build a house in.

    Sounds like a too good of an idea. I think ZOS will reject it.
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  • Minyassa
    Yes, ESO housing needs improvements
    Still waving my "expand decorator privilege to allow placing items" pennant here!
  • Yo_Donno
    Yes, ESO housing needs improvements
    Some things I want to see for housing:
    -Elemental Drain/Ransack Machine
    This could be a furnishing that applies these effects to nearby target skeletons, or it could even be craftable target skeletons that have these effects permanently applied.
    -Writ pickup/turn-in
    Simple enough. Add a writ board and cases that allow the pick-up and turn-in of writs inside a house. These could be sold for crowns or writ vouchers and I would still buy this because it would make doing writs every day so much easier and faster. I already go to my house to do writs because I don't have to scavenger hunt around Belkarth for the crafting stations which ultimately saves time.
    -Vampire/Werewolf shrines that work
    We already sort of have these in the form of that one blood fountain and the giant obelisk thingy named Totem of Hircine or whatever. But what I really want is to be able to TURN people and allow them to pickup the quests in my house and such.
    -Storage/Armor Mannequins
    Simple. Places to store your items and mannequins that would allow you to set skill bars, armor and weapons for a particular setup. Like say I wanted to change to my PVP setup on the fly I would just travel to my house, and my armor, skill bars, and weapons would all switch to the presets that I had put in for that mannequin. Additionally, STORAGE. Like drawers and cases and such. YES I know this causes problems with the amount of data that ZoS has to store. Make these things available for crowns so that you can invest the money people spend on making your servers more robust and buying more data storage.

    Andarne wrote: »
    As an alchemist on my main, I'd love to have the ability to plant things like Nirnroot, Columbine, Lady's Smock, etc.

    However...I'd accept a challenge. Make the cultivation time a week or longer, make the plants have requirements like sunlight, water, earth instead of stone, fertilizer, etc. That way we're not destroying the alchemy market for Guild Stores; it'll still be faster to farm the nodes, or buy them from stores, but perhaps make the cultivated crops yield more?

    This is a super cool idea. I would love if they would implement something like this but I'm not really sure how it would work.
  • Induron
    Yes, ESO housing needs improvements
    yeah, Storage.

    Sorry but this hasnt been imposed enough so there, for actual function do: storage. Make it a gold sink for capacity.

    While I appreciate all the housing system efforts, at this stage, there isnt enough actual functionality to get me to go home in ESO. I currently live on the streets in Vivec City. Sometimes change cantons for fresh scenery but still dont go home.
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