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The Mid Year Mayhem PVP event furnishing books

I enjoyed the double AP event, it really helped me to rank up my toon and get some more skill points. The achievements to obtain in the event weren't real grindy, which was nice. My one criticism is the furnishing item drop. The books. Come on, PVP'ers don't read lol. Give us a Battle Axe or a sword to mount on our walls. It's a shame. That was a great opportunity missed. Please consider this for a future event. Thank you.
  • Magdalina
    Erm...I liked the books, personally. Was a nice touch imo. Sure a sword to put on the wall would be cool too, there aren't enough of these in the game, but "PvPers don't read"? Speak for yourself please ;)
  • Eweroun
    PVP'ers don't read???

    must be the joke of the day...
    can you please explain me the constant QQ on the forums by pvp'ers if they don't read??
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  • Arciris
    My only complaint about the books is that they look exactly like the ones from the Mages Guild. Not even a different shade of color, nothing will set them apart as a collection from the Mages Guild lore books collections.
    So no bragging rights attached to them. Considering they are a lot harder to get, it is really disappointing.
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