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EU-PC - Returning Player looking for Social / PVE Guild

Soul Shriven
Hi There.

Its been a while since i last played ESO. probably 6+ months since i logged in. I've decided to get myself patched and back into game to dust of my Nightblade and finally get him to max CP level.

im an avid MMO player, but one of the most important things within a game, beside great content is the social element and im very much looking for not a bunch of 1337 players that look down their nose at you if you arent in all legendary gear, but rather people that can have a laugh while that crack on with things in game.

Side bits of information which are likely to be relevant to anyone that might tick a few of the boxes of question that night be asked pre contact or invite. Im from the UK, in my 30s, dont take things overly seriously but happy to weigh in on progression

Anyone who mate have space for a socialable middle age gamer, drop me a line here or a whisper in game using @pestisprimus
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