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Mid Night Stalkers >> Trade Guild >> PvE Guild >> (Small) 50+ Members >> No Dues

Soul Shriven
Mid Night Stalkers is a new and currently small Trade-based and PvE guild. We don't yet have a Guild trader hired, but make bids every week and are bound to get one eventually once we've gotten the right type of players filling our roster. Currently, no dues are required at all-- however, anyone who does contribute to the Guild bank will receive a special rank to separate them from those who do not. Once we have a Guild trader hired, and begin charging dues, those who did contribute during this period will not be required to pay at all. It will only be optional.

MNS is based in the Ebonheart Pact, but because we are not a PvP guild, we will accept players from any of the alliances. Using the Guild store is highly encouraged and all new members are welcomed to do so in addition to the privilege of being able to invite new members. If you are interested in joining, drop your gamertag and I will send you an invite.

Also, if you're already a member and you have any suggestions at all about ranks-- which trader to hire-- or anything else, feel free to post them here.
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