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Mists of Tamriel Progressive Social PVE Guild

The Mists of Tamriel is a progressive PVE guild with a social focus currently looking for mature, active adult players who have mics. We run end game content such as trials and DSA and even some PVP events. We are working on forming a vet trials team. We have experienced players who can craft and help new players learn and lots of new players to play with while you are learning. We use the free app BAND to communicate. Joining us on BAND is highly recommended because it's really the best way to meet and interact with other people in the guild and find groups and get help. There are no dues, but we do require mics for group content. Drop your GT below if you would like an invite.
  • JeffreyTDavis70
    Soul Shriven
    I'm very interested in joining. I work a full time job and I'm married. I love this game and get on every time I can. But there are days I can't.
    My gt is: ArcaneXMagician
  • Ammogirl1119
    I'll send you and invite!
  • GoldenGuardian
    I would like to join GT: Golden Guardian
  • Hearts_Wake
    Im interested. i would fall under the, needs to be taught some things category. Im cp 559 but never really did much dungeons and trials. now im to the point were thats what i need to be doing as well as getting sets from said activities. Im pretty active but i dont have a weird schedule. GT: WakeQQ if you wanna send an invite. also 23yr old if that means anything.
  • Ammogirl1119
    Invites sent!
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