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Starting a Community guild for helping and fun. No requirements to join.

Well since there does not seem to be one.

I am interested in starting a casual guild. For example, this does not have to be your main guild, there are no trials to get in, no payment due. This is just to go to if you need help with something or want people to talk to and hang with.

Everyone will have a special job, but they can do whatever they want also. For example, if someone wants a sword with ____enchantment, they would go to the Master Blacksmith and Master Mage with the mats for the weapon.


Co-Leader: Will help me organize events, invite people, make sure no harassment is going on, making sure people are not left out, just general organization.

Master Blacksmith: Lvl 50 in Smithing, crafts Heavy Armor and Metal Weapons. Must have at least 5 of the available Styles

Master Armorer: Lvl 50 in Woodworking, crafts Wood Weapons and Medium Armor. Must have at least 5 of the Styles.

Master Mage: Lvl 50 in Clothing and Enchantment, crafts Light Armor and enchants items. Must have at least 5 of the styles.

Master Support: Lvl 50 in Alchemy and Cooking. Crafts potions and food.

Dungeon Masters(3+): People who know the dungeons well and can help new people through them

Collectors(Dungeons): People who run dungeons for materials for any crafting and armor sets.

Collectors: People who just collect materials in the open world. Good job for people unable to do dungeons yet.

Searcher: Helps people find stuff like lore books, thieves caches, skyshards, etc

Grinders: Helps people level up and gives advice on builds. Requirement of CP 100+

Helpers: Help with anything else

Trainees: Those who are new to ESO or learning to become one of the jobs above.

Each of these jobs can also train lower levels in the areas. You can have multiple jobs and do whatever, but only one position will be listed in the guild list.

Recipies not needed will also go to people in each area. Like if you find a cooking recipe you already have and a Master Support needs it, give it to them.

Any questions or other ideas, or if you are interested in joining, please message me.

Thank you!!! I have been wanting a guild like this for a while.
Edited by MikuHagane on July 7, 2017 11:34PM
  • MikuHagane
    More jobs would be added later if I can get enough people and gold for a trader and bank. Like a Merchant job.
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