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Banned until January 1970? o_O

Erm... Why do I see that in my profile?


EDIT: Oh, I can also post! So I'm not banned! I'm... very confused right now :D
English isn't my native, apologies for any mistakes.
  • Ghettokid
    Same here. Kinda scary
    Edited by Ghettokid on July 7, 2017 2:36PM
  • rhapsodious
    I see that too on mine, but since you and I can post I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume we're not actually banned.

    Someone making backend changes to the forums, perhaps?
  • Wolfkeks
    Well, looks like you broke the forum :D
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  • geonsocal
    excessive use of smiley faces in your threads?

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  • alainjbrennanb16_ESO
    lol same here, even the forums are bugged ;p
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  • Elsonso
    When you are really banned, there is a red box with "Banned" in it next to "Username".

    Someone is being trolled. :smile:
  • Vercingetorix
    This was a hilarious surprise for me considering I had posted a pretty trollish statement about an hour ago and thought someone had actually banned me, lol. Good to see that it's just another typical ZoS failure.
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  • Enemy-of-Coldharbour
    Hmm...I have it also...and I'm an angel. o:)

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  • vyndral13preub18_ESO
    Funny, I don't feel banned...
  • Tyrion87
    I just checked my profile after reading this thread and... same here.

  • Streega
    I'm banned, too - until before I was even born :D This is some kind of uber-zen :o
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  • scipionumatia
    OH THANK GOD I though I was the only one haha
    its like do I gotta wait for time to relapse back to year 0 then go up to 1970 to get unbanned? lol like what did we do? it must of been awful since exploiting maw only gave pple a 3 day ban :D
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  • Farscape76
    Yup I am banned until before my birth and I just got on the forums too :smile:
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  • paulsimonps
    Looks like we all got it but only we can see it on ourselves. But we are all not banned :tongue:
  • ValkynSketha
    Check your time machine pls.
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